What is the minimum number of words should be in the article to be good for the SEO?

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I would like to hire a journalist to write some articles for the site about a particular local business, about the owners, what they do and how they value what they do. What should be minimum length of the article to be good for the SEO of the website? What was your experience?

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When I used to work for the New York Times they specified a 500 word minimum

i dont think its about a minimum, but the quality or uniqueness of the content, its obviously difficult to have unique content from less words so the more the better


Despite what some people seem to think, there are no ‘magic numbers’ in SEO, there is no special formula that you can easily slap onto a page to get it to the top of Google. Don’t worry about meeting a minimum or maximum word count – say everything you need/want to say, and no more. Look at it from the reader’s perspective … is this article long enough to be relevant, interesting, and worth reading?


The minimum words for SEO article is 350-500 words. Keyword Density is important for an article, so fill the article with targeted SEO keywords.

Do you have an authoritative source to back hat up, or is that just your opinion? If you have a good source, it would be most helpful if you could post it here for reference.

[quote=“VineelaK, post:5, topic:106419”]
Keyword Density is important for an article, so fill the article with targeted SEO keywords.
[/quote]No. Whatever else you do, do not fill the article with keywords. For one thing, search engines are likely to penalise you for keyword stuffing. More importantly, you are (or should be) writing these articles for the benefit of visitors to your site, so write naturally, with a good style that will be interesting and easy to read. Of course your keywords will come into it - naturally; but concentrating on the number of times you can fit them into the article is likely to lose you both search engine ranking and human visitors.

For me, content rules haven’t really changed much. The one thing that I see as being really different is the “Google Publisher” aspect. Google policies says, “you must be informative to user”, So, instead of beating around the bush, just write for your readers and end it up in 500 words.

within 500 to 550 words. Anyhow, quality of content most important thing in this regard. Today, google totally focus on uniqueness of content used in the article.

What really matters is good writing practice. It is hard to define “quality”, but I think we all have a shared sense of what that means. Your article should have value for the person who reads it. Like all good writing, audience is important. Content should be tailored for them, their level of knowledge and using words that make the most sense. I think that is where keyword research is valuable. It helps the writer understand what language the potential audience uses when discussing the topic.

If your articles cover your topics with depth, you are going to end up creating something much more useful for people to read. But there is no length requirement. It is as long as it takes to discuss.

My go to expert for advice in this regard is Yoast, who developed the WordPress SEO Plugin. He offers solid advice on his company blog.


The minimum no. of word in a article must be 300 words and also it essential that while writing an article their should be no keyword stuffing and it should be original and no copy content.

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