Number of words for an article for better ranking

What would be the recommended number of words for an article for better ranking


I would say that the quality of the article is much more important than the quantity. You will find “experts” who tell you articles should be so many words in length, but so far I’ve found no authoritative source for any of those opinions.


Just as many words as it takes to say what you are saying.


as much as you can :slight_smile: content is king you know

At least 2250+ words, more is better. I have used my focus on long tail keyword

Do you have an authoritative source to back that up, or is it just your personal view?

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from analyzing of my own - you can also search “How many words of SEO optimized article” and find many result of SEO article promoting

Thank you. It’s interesting to know that you’ve found a relationship between length and ranking.

Yes, but my problem there is much the same as my problem here: people seem to produce these “magic” numbers, and seldom have anything authoritative to back them up. Without knowing the basis for these numbers (in your case, your own research), they’re of little worth.

Hey Govind,

Try focusing on just 2 goals:

  1. Answering the user’s questions
  2. Exceeding the competitors’ content.

By doing this, you are providing more value to the users than the other pages which will help you rank higher.

If the #1 page is 200 words, write more than 200 words, if they are 2000 word long, write more than 2000 words.

My opinion is the quality of your content is more important so you have to concentrate about your quality content then quantity of your content, but your articles should be min 500 words.

Best Ranking depend upon many factor like

  1. Content Length (2000 to 5000 words per post)
  2. low competition keywords
  3. social media followers (only target audience)
  4. keyword placement in all place (like, heading, image, 1st paragraph, and subheading)
  5. lots of image

This is only few tips of website ranking factor.

The quality of your content is much more important than length. With that in mind, the general rule is around 800-1200 words (500 minimum). However, it is better to publish a shorter post than to ramble on about something irrelevant just to fill space. Focus on WHAT you’re writing, not how much you’re writing.


It is always better to use about 600-1000 words for article for better ranking.

What authority do you have for these figures? Or is it a number plucked from thin air?

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It’s too dependant on industry/type of content really.

Some may be completely optimal at 800 words, for instance, an electrician may have “Which gauge wire for so and so”

or you may need 2,500 words to be optimal, eg a developer article. :wink:

Again, what authority do you have for these figures?

I think the tone of my post should be enough to suggest that I’m not being completely literal with my figures.

But if not, then let me just say that I’m not being completely literal with my figures.

Just personal experience working in a digital marketing agency.

Hi Govind,

Number of words in an article has nothing to do with ranking. I know, its been a hot topic for quite some time now. Although there are lots of digital marketing experts out there who suggest to have big articles in order to get good ranking in Google SERPs.

So why they say so? The reason is pretty obvious. Google loves details. And arguably long article reflects the details.

The answer is a little confusing. You should write an article in detail. If your article is able to make its point then it doesn’t matter how long it is i.e how many words you have written.

Write a descriptive blog post which covers the title and talk about it in detail. If you are able to do so then you don’t need to worry about number of words.



Words are not the main factor here. It is important to reveal your concept accurately that you want to say.

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Blogging is a creative work and profession. It is said that high-quality content is always king. If your article is too long but the content quality is too poor. You will not bring a good result for that particular article. On the other hand, a mid-range article though its high quality and unique combination of words, sentences and other parameters. It’s a valuable asset and property that will give you name and fame at the same time sky-above popularity. Google prefers always high-quality article. Those blogs are high quality and plagiarism free, Google ranks them easily. So, it doesn’t depend whether your blogs or article length short or long. It should be always moderate level.