Does writing a lengthy content around 1000 words help with SEO rankings?

As content is considered to be the king in the internet industry. I wonder if there are any benefits of writing a lengthy article on a particular topic that counts more than 1000 words in regards to SEO rankings on major search engines.

Now days authority means a lot and is considered as a prime factor in top rankings but you will often see some new/fresh websites ranking up just out of content on tough competitive keywords.

Give your feedback on this!

From an SEO point of view, the number of words that you write is not important. What really matters is the quality of your writing. If your content is original, topical, relevant to your audience, and well-written, it stands a good chance of doing well in SEO terms. That’s true regardless of whether it is 800, 1000 or 5000 words.


I agree with Mike.

Here is another idea…

Instead of writing long articles, how about breaking things up into parts or related articles?

If you have 1,000 words of brilliance in your possession, and you can write two 500 words articles that are related, you now have two different places where people can find you!

Off the top of my head…

Option #1:

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Small-Business (2,000 words)

Option #2:

Starting Your Own Business (600 words)

How to Write a Business Plan (400 words)

Picking a Business Legal Structure (500 words)

Should You Incorporate? (500 words)

I would definitely go for Option #2 if it covered everything that Option #1 did.

Option #2 is how you build a following and in turn create better SEO!

Follow me?!



There are a lots of topics about the length of pots, some says it should be more than 2000 words to guarantee the first ranking and other says the inverse, both are wrong, the content quality is the first thing to looks for and not the length, I saw lots of pots ranks the number one in Google search with some 300 to 500 words and that’s a prove that Google is not counting much the pots length, content quality and links are what ranks well a web page.

Length does make a difference when it comes to SEO. Just before I left writing for back in 2011 they implemented a new requirement for so many articles with a minimum number of words. Apparently provided that the article is clearly about a single topic a longer article will rank above a shorter article on the same topic. This makes sense if you think about it because a longer article can contain more information and is therefore more likely to answer the visitor’s question.

A short article on a single topic is still better than a longer one that covers multiple topics though.

Quality>Quantity sums it up

May I ask what the minimum requirement of words was at that time?

I really think that the quality of your writing should be more important than the quantity. Search Engines love articles that are highly rich in information that end up being valuable to the user. I personally think that an article having a minimum of 300 words to 400 words is good enough to rank well in any search engine providing the article has relevant information.

So yes, content is playing a major role in website ranking this is because in the initial phase of the SEO the website owner used the repeated content in all over the pages of the website or copy the content from other niche website and paste in his website which was a duplication. due to this the website which have not any quality in his design, development and content was coming in top 10 in search results. To recover from this issue Google SEO department launch Google Panda algorithm which directly deals with content of the website and the content to posted on the third party website.

So come on the main point that you asked - length of the content is matter but it is totally depend on the quality of the content, Engagement rate and User friendly. If you are writing a content of 2000 words in the website but it has not high quality then user is not engaged with your website, results it gives you low ROI.

But if you have everything in your content and write to keep in mind your audience requirement, what they want, whether your content is 2000 words or 500 words. If it gives the clear vision to the audience which benefits you in ROI and yes boost your website in SERPs.

One more thing I want to cover here, Content is also helps to make your website authority. once your website has good authority, lets say it is above 80 out of 100, then you will always be on top. You can see that in the search results , there are lots of the website which have very less amount of the content in the home page but they always be on top 10 in SERPS.

Don’t spend too much time on SEO.

Even if you have great SEO and you are on page one in Google for all your keywords.
If your content is crap no one will read it and no one will share it.

Focus on the quality of the content.

Check out this link:

Why not? If the article is embedded with less competitive keywords then it can help you find a place in the search engines. On the other hand a 1000-word article filled to the brim with higly competitive keywords cannot do much good to your effort.

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Thanks to all who contributed.

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