What is the best method of Online Marketing that work more conversion?

I am just interested to know which method works the best ROI when it come to online marketing? Please some one help me get some idea?

Video Ads
Banner Ads
Email Marketing
affiliate Marketing
social media
Discount/Online Coupons

I am doing ethical seo and getting good results. I never go with any type of banned advertisement or affiliated programmes.

Hey slimcat,

It all depends on where you’re coming from. Are you and advertiser or a publisher? Do you have a website or are you looking to sell something?
Depending on the answers I can recommend a few options you mentioned on the list.

I agree with the previous post. What are you trying to market? In the end, you need to create unique and quality content which will capture and engage your audience. While choosing your keywords wisely, you must be very active in blogs, forums, web 2.0 sites, submit your artices to high authoritative directories, social bookmarking sites, etc. Good luck!

[FONT=verdana]It’s impossible to give a definite answer to your question. I can tell you what methods work for me, but there’s no reason for that to be relevant to you. Every business is different. We simply don’t know enough about your products, your potential customers or your method of working to say what will work best for you.

Think about it. If there was a single method which gives the highest RoI in all cases, we would all be using it, and the other methods would fall out of use.

The best you can do is to try some traditional RoI projections, and try to come up with a shortlist. Then test each method until you get enough experience to make a final decision. There’s no shortcut to that.


Pay per click search engines are great way to attractive visitors for your website in low cost. If you do not want pay then social media is good source of traffic.

Actually all the below comes under a category called “SEO”

social media

Actually, as far as I have experimented, Conversion rate, that is lead to deal is higher with SEO. Here people come to the website with interest and get all information required and then sign up or buy something. Which means conversion rate is better here.

Apples and Oranges.

Search, whether paid or organic, is intent based. I go to Google because I want to find something and in many cases buy / join / sign up for it. Thus conversion rates are going to be higher than something that reaches an unaware audience.

However search is only scalable to a point. This point may be high in aggregate but your ability to control the flow is probably not… meaning that you can’t insure you get an ever expanding amount of traffic from it alone. Furthermore since everyone knows search has intent, everyone targets their efforts to win in it and you quickly devolve to price / feature battles [as well as placement].

Thus people turn to other channels where they can influence discovery and reach an audience that may convert at a lower average rate but which can be larger in population size or cheaper in cost [SEO is not free, PPC is certainly not free]. And there’s a corollary – the more you build up awareness and other media impact, the more your search campaigns perform as people seek you out or simply recall your name more in a list of results.

Well, you should mention your product and market niche to select the type of marketing strategy. To begin with, you first need to have a product and determine its niche and then choose your target customers. The type of customers and accessibility to them would help determining the apt marketing strategy.

I completely agree. First you need to determine what you are marketing, who you are marketing it to and then decide on a strategy.
Are you trying to monetize a website or blog?

Add “Solo Ads” into your list.

I think all talking about SEO but if you are looking for best method then you need to understand that SEO is just an part of internet marketing. So come out from search engine and think more then it like branding, PPC and other things of online marketing

All of the above mentioned are effective only if it fits your marketing campaign and budget, in our case here, what I can say is that we are effective in search and in video/blog since these is where we are comfortable doing it. You see it all vary in your forte or you soft spot.


For increasing conversion rate of website, do more press release, classifieds, blog commenting, and forum discussion. and build link in quality sites that provide high pr and do-follow back-link, make branding, if your brand name is get popular then get more conversion rate from website, also increasing popularity of he website.

It would have been good if you would have shared the domain you wanted to advertise.

Anyways, Google adwords is the best way for getting more conversions in less pay as you will be charged only when someone clicks on your ad.

No, that wouldn’t have been good at all, I’m afraid. :frowning: We do not allow advertising in the forums, and there are strict rules about where and how you may post a link to your site. slimcat has posted the question correctly. Any request for an SEO review of a site must be made in the [URL=“http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?12-Website-Design-amp-Content-Reviews-amp-Critiques”]Reviews & Critiques forum.

MOBILE!! Get into Mobile display for your site. Traffic is cheaper across the board, and get your site up to optimal mobile display !!


None of the things listed here will help in conversions, the best these will all do is bring the traffic to your website.
The real conversion is what happens on your website, whether it’s a capture page or selling a product, whatever is on your website will effect your conversion rate.

If you want to increase conversions on a lead capture page then split-test your results, change the headline and see which one converts better
If you want increased conversion on selling a product on your website then work on pre-selling to your customer.

I prefer SEO is the best for the internet marketing.Because it is having the both on-page optimization and off-page optimization for the better work conversion and to get the more traffic by doing this.

SEO is a great traffic driver and comes with a strong cost advantage but I’d hardly call it the best conversion preformer. There’s a lot of intent in organic search but more in paid and even more than that as you move up the funnel.