Best marketing strategy

Book marking and forum participation are also a best methods.

I think the best is

search engine optimization

its the best of the best… i must say…

I love postcards to a targeted list. There’s nothing better, imo. Everything else is broadcast marketing which has to have big numbers to be justified. I’d say keep it up and if there’s a money issue then get a better (i.e. smaller targeted list). If it’s response then look at your message on your site, that you’re likely pointing them to, or your phone script if that’s how you’re handling it. GL

The best promotion method is word of mouth. Honestly, there is no other marketing method which is as much effective as this one. And never will!

At the moment, I would say Adwords.

If you have a mix of both text ads and banner ads, you are onto a winner. :slight_smile:

Who knows, in 5 years time, advertising on the web may not be this easy! I say go for it now whilst half of your competitors are still thinking what to do.

I think the best marketing strategy is the one you’ve tested and know works best for you…but what’s great for you might be terrible for someone else. :smiley:

I agreed Article submission worked very well with me but socila bookamrking hasn’t…so you’re rite.

I would say article submissions, blogs, link building

Noob thread.

It’s advertising and word of mouth.

Everything else pretty much gives you only a few hits here and there, along with a high bounce rate.

If you want to have a good outcome, you must do it all. Use all the techniques and do it right.

Whatever works for your business is the best for you. Depends on the type of business really. But if I were to generalize, I’d say SEO and paid advertising.