What is keyword density ? how we can high density keywords?

what is keyword density ? how we can high density keywords ?

if u know these plz help me .

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in my understanding, keyword density is how many keywords can be found in your blog post in proportion to all the words you have written on the same blog post.

So to increase your keyword density, you must have mentioned your keyword a lot (many times) in your certain blog post or article. :slight_smile:

You need to write good content. You need to write keyword many times in your content to make high keyword density.

This is >>> a fantastic tool <<< for telling you all you need to know about keyword density.

Hi, Keyword density is percentage of keywords at your blog or website page.It not more than 4%.

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Keyword density - The number of keywords in a text. In general the acceptable keyword density is 4 t 7%. You can increase it by simple inserting more keywords.

No it’s not. A density is expressed as a proportion.

Which unauthoritative source did you get that from?

An appropriate density for a keyword depends on the rest of the content of the web page. Being readable is the far more important factor and so the only reasonable way to increase keyword density is to replace synonyms. Of course replace too many an d you start to lose readability again and that indicates that your keyword density is too high.

It’s always a challenge on how to insert your keywords into your post without making it look too obvious for your readers to get annoyed. Its best to always try to keep in mind to make a quality content as well aside from just stuffing your keywords throughout your post.

try to write with user point of view…don’t spam or put unnecessary keywords…

Which is consistent with what you’ve been saying on this subject for the last 3 years …but… and you knew there was a ‘but’ coming… I know it hasn’t been confirmed that Google are using LSI but it makes sense for them to do so. That being the case, the last thing you should do is replace synonyms with the same keyword phrase.