Keyword density in web content


We are all aware of SEO and we want tu put few keywords in our content.
Do you have some software which can calculate the density when you write?
Thanks ahead.

Google and other search engines are caring less about keyword density these days. My rule of thumb is to mention the keyword that you are trying to target only once and the rest of the article or content that you creating should flow well.

One way to “persuade” the search engines that your content is actually relevant to the keywords that you are trying to target is to use collocation keywords naturally rather than having a rigid keyword density % as a guideline.

And if you still want to go down the path of basing your content on keyword density, then my way of doing it WAS to simply use the Find function in MS Word or Google Docs, take the number of results and divide by the total number of words in my article. :lol:

I agree with you even if one used keywords more effectively and one should know where to place keywords is more important.Many SEO experst say 1-3% of keyword density is good.
I got this article from Wikipedia

I would say just write content naturally and forget keyword density.

Just search by “Keyword density checker”.

[font=verdana]Good answer :slight_smile:

That’s exactly it. If you try to fiddle your text so that certain words appear a certain number of times, it’s going to come across as stilted and artificial, it will really get in the way of your natural writing style, and won’t be good to read. If you the key words too much, it will read like spam, and that really turns people off. Google is waaaaaaay too smart to be fooled by people manipulating their content to get a 3.5% keyword density or any other arbitrary figure.[/font]

It is very important question in SEO field. you need to keep update with yourself from Google updates.
according to Google you need to keep maximum keyword density
according to Google Algorithm, 6%-7%
according to Yahoo, Bing , 6%-10%


[FONT=Verdana]Where did you find those figures? As far as I’m aware, Google doesn’t publish such figures, but those percentages seem far too high. If you have reliable sources for the numbers you’re quoting, I should be interested to see them.


Use keyword have some rules but it is not written by google. It is just a thought such you can use 3/4 keyword in a 500 words article/content. Mix your keyword with other word. such as if your keyword is “first class fresh butter” Then use it ones and you can also use it with mix word like we produce first class fresh butter for our coustemr… Use your keyword(main keyword) with h1 tag once and other keyword should be use h2-h6 once in different pages. There has lots of idea of using keyword.


Just learn the procedure of how to count keyword density from wikipedia or go to www.keyworddensity,com you can check your density of keyword

Surprised to see comments on keyword density being so unimportant as to use a keyword only once on a page, I agree most people make a horrible mess of forcing keyword density but that’s why we have web copywriters to do it well and keep it reading naturally, if a keyword only comes up once on a page search engines are going to have trouble working out what the page is about.

Still i remeber that Google in Panda Update declared that Keyword Density can be the reason for website penalization. I check keyword density through website: [noparse][/noparse]

It’s a good practice not to use the keyword more than 4-5 times on a page because it starts to seem unnatural. In any case if you focus just on the quality of the text you wouldn’t want to repeat yourself anyway, because nobody wants to read a crappy text. After all, it’s written for humans :slight_smile:

Watch: directly from google.