Keyword density

Google guideline talks about 2% keywords
It does sound more effective to have 8 times the keywords in a 400 word long content to say who you are than 4 times in 200 word long content.
If sticking to the 2% rule, is there some agreement about a good length for the content of a webpage?

There’s really no ideal keyword density according to Matt Cutts. Don’t annoy your users.

Avoid writing the content based on keyword density. The whole idea of limiting the keyword density is to prevent spammers from over stuffing the content with keywords. As long as your content sounds fine, any keyword density would be ok. You could stretch the keyword density anywhere between 2 to 4%.

What guidelines might they be?
I have not paid any attention to keyword density for years!

Well, I guess that as long as the content is authentic, the keyword density can not be over then…

[FONT=verdana]Just write your text in the most natural way you can. Focus in making it informative, persuasive, entertaining, enlightening, … whatever is appropriate for your site. Put artificial targets for keyword density out of your thoughts.


Definitely don’t worry about keyword density, just write naturally. It’s definitely not a big factor these days and honestly I have worried about it. Where the word appears definitely more important (mixture of headings and in-text), just as it would naturally.

just concentrate on the content make sure that content must be impressive and touchy to the user not for search engine crawlers


Am new to the SEO field… Can you please explain me that how to measure the percentage??? Is there any tool available to measure the Keyword Density??

hey miki, you are right… i have reade somewhere density must be less then 100% & more than 1%.

hey pallavi, i don’t think so in google site or any (google blog) place where it’s been writen that… content density must be stick with 2%… one pharse keyword you can’t major it!
even if you can just find out on mobile phone sites… you will get more then 5 to 7% keyword density.
so don’t worry about that… just work & get minimized & as MIKI said just consantrate on that.

hey, kanna you can check keyword density to

link… will help you…
there are lot’s of tools available.


Yeah sure!

Here are few of them which you may try out:

webmaster toolkit
veb tools
i web tool
seobook’s keyword density tool

There is no such guideline from Google. In this very thread a video was posted which comes directly from Google: Which dispels all this keyword nonsense.