Keyword Density Importance

How wide the role of keyword density in the web page? How keyword density is important for a web page? Means, how it affects the website?

It is not important. Just don’t keyword stuff. Write naturally. If your keyword is there once or twice, proper SEO can stiill rank you.

I’m not an seo expert, but my understanding of seo tells me that keyword location is much more important than keyword density.

eg. having keywords in the <title> and/or <h1> tags will rank higher than the same keywords in say <h3> or <p> tags

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post #4 was not fluff – i was making a point about keyword density

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Your article should have max 3% keyword density, then it will be optimized for Google.

its important to have some keywords in your article. but dont over do it. because google may see it as keyword spam

The first thing to note about keyword density is that anyone who gives a target %, or a maximum/minimum %, is clueless. (Unless they tell you that your keyword should be between 0% and 100%, but that’s just plain old unhelpful).

There is no exact science to usage of keywords in your content. If it was easy enough to manipulate search results by using a particular word or phrase a certain number of times, search results would be meaningless as all they would do is reflect the effort that people put into SEO rather than the quality of the site.

The answer is to write good quality text. Use your target words and phrases as often as you need to, in order to make sense of the content. Use them in headings, front-load them in sentences/paragraphs, but don’t overuse them. If your page starts to read like Rudy’s post #4 then you’re overdoing it. If keywords are used too much and you’re putting in keywords so that it’s full of keywords and you just keep reading keywords keywords keywords then you need to take out some of the keywords.

Your text should be readable, it should flow. Don’t use the same words every time - if it starts to feel too repetitive, use other words and synonyms. If you don’t enjoy reading it back, your visitors won’t either. You won’t be fooling Google, you’ll just be turning away potential customers.