What is importance of SOCIAL Media in Digital Marketing (if someone wants to increase mobile install))

What will be the acquisition ratio of install from social media?
Can Some One increase install through the help of social media only?
Is it effective?

If anyone gives you an actual number for an answer to this, immediately stop paying attention to anything they say, because they’re guessing.

Can social media help your product get installed more often? Yes. In the same way that ANY advertising or marketing can.

Is it effective? That’s a subjective and situational question.

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Social media networks are easier and best choice than other promoting ways, and nearly all of big brands are using social media effectively.

It provides business owners with a platform to display their products to a larger audience.

No matter whom you are selling to and what you are selling, with the aid of social media it is an effective strategy to gain consumers and generate revenue.

Here are some reasons why social media is important to increase mobile installs:

Strong Connectivity: Social media gives you the platforms to inform app users across the globe about your app.

  • Customer satisfaction: Social media is a platform to do the publicity of your app. Many top organizations use social media to drive customer satisfaction.

  • Higher conversion rate: Social media provides your application a good visibility to the right audience across the globe. With this, one can do the promotion of App via the various social media channels.

  • Daily deal Offers: Some Brands Provide exclusive “deal of the day” special offers on their apps that is the way to offer exclusive savings that drive consumers to purchase.

I have to say, I can tell you’re in advertising, considering your list of “Here are some reasons why social media is important to increase mobile installs” was the same point repeated 3 times, followed by something completely unreleated. :laughing:

Well, that’s your perspective. :blush:

Social media marketing is done in the different social media platforms to engage with the
targeted audiences in order to promote your product/brand through pages. SMM is available in free and paid as well. Social media marketing through platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, etc., Here we can get traffic, sales and leads through social media.
Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that involves creating
and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and
branding goals.
By doing Social Media Marketing we can achieve:
Increasing website traffic
Building conversions
Raising brand awareness
Creating a brand identity and positive brand association
Improving communication and interaction with targeted audiences.

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