Is it worthwhile to invest in social media to market my product?

i would like to know how effective social media to market my product

It all depends on your approach towards these social medias. If you are simply trying to get traffic, if the product you are offering is something extraordinary you may get instant traffic, but for a longer and successful stint you need to have a plan, A PROPER PLAN!

You will see that each and every marketeer out there is using social media hoping that it will do wonders for him, but the only marketers who are not selling products, but are trying to create an awareness of their products are able to earn good, if you are organizing contests, opinion polls, giving away discount coupons, you are going to get a good traffic.

Off course, social media marketing is one of the best marketing tool that provide a good result and revenue to any business. Facebook, twitter, Google+ and others have billions of traffic and if you are available there with attractive offer may be they are interested in your business.

This is like selling your product in your city’s main market, some people are interested and some will are not. It’s depends on you, what you are selling, HOW, to whom

Social media is perfect way define our product. It’s attribute, profit and anything you know we are best? So it’s very helpful in marketing.

Social media marketing is very effective… Its fast, it has more user penetration.

Social media allows you to interact with your target audience. So you have a big room to convince your potential customers.


I have a slightly different take on this question than the previous posters…

Social media is a bit of a craze these days and everyone likes to talk about it, but very few people truly understand how to use it effectively. The reality is that it isn’t the “instant” marketing method it’s made out to be. It is just a new way to interact with existing and potential customers, and when used in conjunction with other marketing efforts it can help build both loyalty and brand or product awareness. The key to marketing anything successfully has always been variety and consistency, and social media does not change this. You cannot market anything exclusively using social media and expect to achieve great results.

In my company we use social media as part of a larger ongoing marketing effort which includes postcards, email newsletters, website (SEO), etc.



It is worth it. Social media sites = people = exposure = traffic, now that’s something that I would look forward to get, traffic. If you wan to sell your service or product, reach out to your target market. You’ll definitely find some of them on facebook, twitter or youtube. I’ve heard that the best you to invest on social media sites are on video marketing, because youtube or video are now a big part of Google search results. Get traffic and optimize your site at the same time. You’ll know its effective for there’s a lot of people and companies creating there own service or product facebook account.

I would say social media marketing is really very very effective and in coming days it will become more effective.Its the place where people love to spend time and they spend most of the time there.Also people tend to trust people in their networks more than anybody else.Now it depends upon you how to build trust in users in your community.I would also like to give some tips : Keep users engaged in some kind of activities like contests or something.People will come to you if they find you and your work interesting.They might also refer their friends as well.In this way you grow your network and its needless to say that if you don’t have targeted users in ur network then you won’t grow ur brand.So grow ur brand by exposing it to more and more users.Thanks