Why social Media is important to our Business?

Hello All,

This is Hendri. I am a Marketer.

I just want to know the Details about Social media important… Pls share with me your ideas.

As we know now a days every one have a social account nd they spend their lot of time on that so if we will promote and advertise our business on social media we can get more traffic eaisly.

Everyone goes for it these days like there is no tomorrow so there must be a ‘good’ reason. I’m completely against the idea of commodifying social media though. I find it intrusive and the reason why one day I’ll stop using facebook


Hello pal,

Social Media has become integrated part in our day-day life for social/business and promotional purpose and Social media helps us to promote our business faster and also drive source more to reach online audience to query your business successfully or for networking .

I would just say that for some brands (deliberately using brand here, not business) social media can be used to increase brand awareness, just as in the case of TV commercials for some others. Meaning it is not a direct call-to-action ad, but rather something that makes users aware of you so that at some point, they might choose to become a customer.

now a days social media is an one of the most important way through which we can easily convey the massage or connect people.so if we are going to start a business than for adverting and to promote our business the social media will fruitful for us.

Social media is the best platform to advertise your brand and services. Social media marketing and Social media optimization can fetch your site and business a better ranking and traffic. Also through social media sharing you can gain quality backlinks to your site.

Hello Hendri! SMM (Social Media Marketing) is extremely important and useful. You can draw lots of really good traffic to your resource, as well as building great userbase.

Social media for using boost our business and make a popularity to our company products. Then make your website traffic will high ranking in SERP

Most social media links are nofollow, and will therefore have no effect on SERPs.

Social media helps us to promote our business faster. Social media is the best platform to advertise your brands.

Well, social media is important since nowadays, people use social media as a way to talk and be connected with one another. It has a huge impact in promoting something since it is immediate and updated regularly.

Because 2.5 billions peoples are using Social media and Social media is the future of Internet marketing. Therefore every businessman is preferred social media to promote their businesses.

Creating your own Social Media Page for your business is quite important nowadays. Mostly likely because majority of people are on Social Media and it has become part of day to day life. If you wanted to be noticed and build your business brand. Social Media is a good way to start sharing. It might not help your Google Ranking but direct visitors are of high chances.

Social media is important for its network, economical and greater reach.

I think its so important for free traffic.