What are advantages of SMM

Is there any advantages of social media marketing?
What are they?

If you can’t find an advantage in being able to talk to your customer and have them talk on your behalf then you’re probably doing something wrong.

I would say that there are big time advantages with social media marketing. Since marketing can be a little expensive, using cost effective strategy is always good for your business plan. Social media marketing is cost effective and provides ample opportunity to promote your product on platforms like Facebook, Google share, Youtube, and twitter. However, the efficiency lies within the individual, i.e. how capable you are of gathering attention of the people on social networks.

Social media marketing is one method of Promotion in marketing.
It help:

  • Increasing traffic to your site
  • Introducing products and services naturally so you can expand your brand, reputation of company
  • Lower cost

Having someone help with a strategy can be a good step but social is about communicating with your customers about your brand… of everything your business does is that what you really want to outsource?

Social Media marketing is of great help nowadays. Web audiences spend lot of time surfing and using social networking sites to maintain a relation with other people and same process is used in Social media marketing. Social Media can be used to make people know about your product and services through platforms like Google+,Facebook, LinkedIn. Twitter etc. It makes a audience know about your website and brand image is created with this. We also get a chance to promote it through paid advertisement in social media marketing and it is cost effective too. Indirectly it gives good traffic to your site.

Hi Pantho

OMG…there are so many advantages… but it’s essentially where your customer is at…

If you need any detailed advice, look up Maria Guedlis and Tina Williams…they are the dog’s you know what…toal class!



SMM has many advantages. It increases traffic on site , it can advertise the site in better way, it can raise the page rank & it is also in lower cost.etc etc…