Alexa Ranking

My website Alexa Ranking is increase,is it good or not? Please suggest me

Alexa rank is important to blogs and websites because it gives recognition, increase monetization and important information that will help you to make your blogs or websites do more.

This is a ranking system set by that basically audits and make public that the frequency is visits on various makes it clear though that, if the particular user visits the same URL multiple times on the same day, all those visits will be counted as one.The Alexa ranking of a website is a guide to how popular that website is in the world.

Alexa ranking increase for numeric value is not good for website and your increase alexa rank Quality content and your main keywords of your site should be completed.

Alexa Ranking can be manipulated very easy so for that reason i tend to only use it as a very basic indicator on how a website is doing.

Agreed, and the most important thing is, alexa ranking counts the traffic from a browser where Alexa toolbar is installed. So we can imagine how many people must be using this… Only professionals but not the normal users.

increasing alexa ranking is not good. you have to reduce the alexa ranking number. it depends on visitor of your site. when you will get good visitor in your site your alexa ranking will reduce soon.

The increase in Alexa ranking means, visitors bounce rate is high. If you make visitors to stay on your website longer time then your Alexa rank will keep on reducing. To make it happen…you’ve to concentrate more on content.

Is your Alexa rank going from higher number to lower number (e.g. is it going from 200 to 300) If yes, this means your Alexa traffic is falling down.

I never bother for Alexa traffic stats… they are neither accurate nor important. Its just account of Alexa traffic (visitors with Alexa toolbar installed on their system)

Alexa numeric value increase is not good.your alexa increase its mean your content quality is not excellent and your web traffic is not good and not unique so instal the alexa toolbar in your browser and check your alexa rank and change your website ranking trickes…

Why is the Alexa ranking for you if you don’t have a very big website? I can see if it’s important if you have a top website in your niche and you want to monitor your competition but is useful for people like me who build websites for a micro niche audiences (<10,000 uniques a month on each website)?

I personally dont put much value on Alexa ranking as its not an accurate measurement of your over all traffic. Its a measurement only based on traffic coming from people who actually use Alexa toolbar.
However, there are still many people including interested advertisers (who want to advertise on your site) who factor in Alexa ranking when making decisions.

By the way, an easy way to decrease your ranking is to simply put your Alexa ranking widget on your site. That way, it will count anybody who comes to your site. You will be amazed how fast it goes down.

Alexa Ranking purely depends on Visits, Visits should be high and ranking should be low. If you are visits going to down, alexa ranking will increase. So always try to increase your website traffic.

If your Alexa Ranking is increase that’s a good indicator that your site is improving… Particularly to traffic and backlinks…


Alexa is not show my ranks so what can i do tell me plz… help me


No one cares about Alexa ranking because Alexa ranking is very easy to manipulate. You can easily play with Alexa ranking

Register to alexa and put the code into your meta tags… This will enable Alexa to rate your site.

Alexa Ranking is one of the indicators commonly used by the Search Engine Optimizers and website Owners to see the WEBSITE PROGRESS IN TERMS of Visitors , back Links and Traffic !

Alexa Ranking is not a reliable source when used alone, but it can be quite useful when used simultaneously in conjunction with many other ranking tools. It’s much harder to manipulate all of the ranking tools at the same time.

Alexa rankings is a reverse rankings 1 is the highest. So if your alexa rankings increase, it is not good. You must reach the lowest number of alexa to reach the highest rankings.