What exactly are the benefits of bookmarking?

I want to know the various benefits of bookmarking. I find Internet marketers talk very high of bookmarking especially when it comes to driving potential traffic to websites. Do buyers really browse the websites that were bookmarked?

In itself, there isn’t much benefit to it. The reason people do it is to ensure that there is at least some kind of presence on a social bookmarking site.

The reason why there isn’t much benefit is because a lot of people will join every social bookmarking site they can, only to only spam their links everywhere. A smart marketer will join these communities, will share a few of their links, but will give back by adding their own USEFUL comments and by generally engaging with the community.

It depends on which social bookmarking website you use. In the past, you can blast your website to thousands on bookmarking sites and you’ll get good rankings, but today is different. With penguin and panda on the run, it’s always about building quality content to acquire natural links and not spammy links from social bookmarking websites and the likes.

help to index quickly
1.It drive traffic to your website
2.It will you to help create number of backlinks when you share your webpages with large number of people.
3.Social bookmarking site are providing various feature like enabling the user to vote on contents posted by other user.

They used to be potent in the past. Prior to Google Panda and Penguin. Now, they’re still useful but not very effective. I suggest you should submit your links to reputable sites; especially the ones related to your niche.

drive traffic <— not all bookmarking sites will give traffic. as many of the users of those bookmarking websites are webmasters too, they don’t care anymore with what others are submitting, as long as they get a link, they don’t care about visiting other websites :slight_smile: so there’s minimal to zero traffic for you.

High pr with dofollow social bookmarking sites will help to get backlinks, traffic as well as helps in the faster indexing also. For that the content of the link for which you want to do social mark should be within unique title and description and different from that particular webpage’s resource page.

Its depends on user. If users from internet background than it will surely visit social bookmarking site for get information or whatever they want. if users from non internet background than they visit Google search engine and most popular site like classified sites Olx, Yellow Pages…

Social bookmarking is surely effective for all people. Social bookmarking surely gives website traffic and also you can get quality back link from high pr Social bookmarking sites.

Benefits of Bookmarking:
Quick Indexing: The fastest way to have any webpage or site visited by the search engines and indexed is by submitting them to any of the popular social book-marking sites like StumbleUpon and others.
Traffic Generation: There is more to book-marking your pages online than just getting indexed; you are also guaranteed some traffic from these sites as soon as you submit to them.

social Bookmarking give you backinks,drives the unique traffic,it helps to decrease the site ranking

This is a good answer. As for the rest, the answers are typical SEO drivel which may have been true in the past, but no longer is. If you need more information, please do some directed searching (both in the forums and elsewhere), and if you have more specific questions, please feel free to repost.

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