Are Social Bookmarking sites useful anymore?


Are social bookmarking sites still important?


For people that use them and find them useful, then yes.


Now a days Social bookmarking is not working in SEO. you have to use other method to back linking in your site.

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social bookmarking is important for SEO.


Thanks everyone,

Obviously a topic with "yes it is" and "no it isn't" replies without any explanation as to why is not of much help to anyone.

Anyone replying, please post more than simple yes / no


now a days social bookmarking get less importance than than the forums and other seo techniques just only because google doesn't give importance for ranking getting through the backlinks from social bookmarking sites due do SPAM:slight_smile:


In what way?

Most reputable sites mark user-submitted links nofollow, in accordance with Google's guidelines, so these links will have no direct effect on search ranking.

Reputable forums (such as this one) also mark user-submitted links nofollow.

The purpose of a forum is, of course, discussion, not promotion, and attempting to use a forum for SEO or promotional purposes is more likely to get your account banned than to have any positive effect.


Social bookmarking is still very important part of seo to bring drive free and targeted traffic to your website or blog. It also improves your sites rankpage and also boost the popularity of website or blog.


Social bookmarking might help drive traffic to your site, but as explained above, it will have no direct effect on SEO. Moreover,

Low-quality directory or bookmark site links

is one of the things specifically listed by Google as a potential violation of their guidelines, which may result in your site being penalised.


Social Bookmarking isn't helpful for a site to improve the keywords ranking position, it is not helpful for a website to get organic traffic (but it may be used to bring direct or referral traffic for a website and I'm not very sure about this), it is not helpful for a page to get index on the search engines too, but still it is being used as a part of SEO and so it depends upon you as for what you gonna use Social Bookmarking sites. Cheers!


I'm sorry, but I don't understand your point here; you seem to be contradicting yourself.

In which way are you suggesting that social bookmarking is used for SEO? If it doesn't influence indexing or ranking, what part do you suggest it plays?


Accept my first apologize if my point about Social Bookmarking is contradicting as in my previous reply. So, my point is Social Bookmarking isn't completely outdated but still it is being used in off-page activity to bring direct or referral traffic for a website. And so, depending upon one who wants to use to target "sessions only" for the websites and if Social Bookmarking site's quality is low and if it has low visitors count then it is not useful anymore.

In addition, I don't want to say as Social Bookmarking is used for SEO but it is being used by someones without understanding the deep concepts of link building and the value of SEO.

As I know my reply is similar to yours, so kindly accept my second apologize. Cheers!


The social bookmarking is important in SEO even now but Google has made it clear that if you are looking to do bookmarking then it must be from unique IP address and high DA sites. Any kind of relevant backlinking in good for SEO as long as it adheres Google guidelines.


IT helps to get backlinks to your web sites.


Can you provide a Google source to back up that assertion? I can find nothing in Google's guidelines. Why would Google care about DA, when that's a metric created and used by Moz?


Social Bookmarking sites provide a flexible manner to your readers to bookmark your articles and organize them.
There are many web sites which users use to bookmark the excellent of content material from internet like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and many others. These web sites aren't best beneficial for users, but for web page proprietors such bookmarking web sites are very powerful and effective


Yes. 100% make sure the social bookmarking sites have good domain authority.
Don't waste your time with low quality bookmaking sites.


Social bookmarks in SEO are still useful. If you add a link, leading to article in which there is a link to the promoted resource, in the social bookmark, then the web page with the article referenced by the social bookmark drops faster to the index.


I think it is useful in various purposes. And it will be useful in future and ever. I will give you to a reason of why social bookmarking sites useful.
The short answer is “SEO”. A bookmarking service can successfully be used to drive more traffic to your website. If social media SEO is done properly, it is an easy and inexpensive means to attract more viewers to your site. More revenue from Google Adsense and other paid for online advertisements can be obtained. Care must be given to how marketing is done via social media, so that you are not seen as a spammer or banned. Aside from SEO, social media is a great marketing tool in itself, as any post that is considered interesting by your network connections grows your popularity.


It is important because most of the people still use social bookmarking sites and resources that become popular on one often grow enormously, going viral because the resources are organized by people and not by search engines. It is also important because of the importance of backlinking.