Social Bookmarking-Useful or not?

Does social bookmark submissions is really useful or not?
i really don’t know because daily i am submitting 50 bookmarks but i didn’t get any changes…so help me out…

Useful for what?

If you are asking if it helps your search engine rankings, the answer is No. In general, any links that you create yourself are not likely to be of any value in SEO terms. Nor are they likely to attract any useful traffic from the social bookmarking sites.


Social bookmarking is still useful and effective method for promoting the site. Try to use latest 2013 high PR, do follow bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking helps in crawling our website in case of new updation in site.

I have to disagree with you, for the reasons I stated in my previous post. Also, I seriously doubt that it helps with crawling. If you site has useful and topical content, the search engines will be perfectly happy to crawl it, without any prompting from social bookmark sites.


Doing social bookmarking in some high pr and very authoritive sites can draw a huge traffic to your site.

Do you have any evidence for this? Mikl has explained why he thinks it’s unlikely that social bookmarking will prove beneficial, and I agree with him. If you have a different point of view, then please explain it, rather than just making statements without any corroboration. That would be much more helpful for everyone. :slight_smile:

It may be useful to make search engines aware of your site, but I don’t think it can bring any change in SERP.
Today’s Google doesn’t rank you for these tactics.

I agree with Mikl as well, social bookmarking is not at all beneficial when it is not genuine.

Social Bookmarking is very helpful to generating traffic not for ranking but If other users share your article or give more up-vote, comment genuinely so you can also get the benefits in ranking.

It is worth to mention that social bookmarking is great in video marketing. For websites, it does not add much of value even when used properly.

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I don’t really understand that. Does “video marketing” mean that you have created a video that sells your product? And you are posting a link to that video on the social bookmarking site? If that’s the case, how exactly is that of value?

My apologies if I’ve misunderstood your point.


Social bookmarking helps increase the SEO of your websites and blogs by increasing the page ranking by bringing links back to your website based on the keywords used in the blog or page that you are bookmarking.