Can any one guide me importance of bookmarking in SEO Process? If yes,Please also suggest any website showing tutorial for the same.

Social bookmarking could help with SEO as long as they are dofollow.

Social bookmarking could help with SEO as long as they are dofollow.

I can pretty much agree w/ that - but as far as referral traffic - NF sites such as SU are great for referral traffic. And as far as Digg is concerned - they are indexed in less than 24 hours and sometimes rank high in the SERPs depending on the competition.

But I use Social BM sites to get mainly referral traffic - works great sometimes.

For SEO purposes the links are almost worthless because they are too easy to get, but for traffic they can be great depending on your product.

Well social bookmarking play in major role for seo…you can get a lot of ebook on google regarding this…

Can we not have another thread filled with one liners repeating agreement over the importance of bookmarking over and over? It’s been done to death. Please read through some of the existing threads here and in the social networking forum.

there is no much effect on seo. but google index your page quickly if you submit to sites like digg. the worth is referral traffic from those sites

As a business and a website you would certainly like to have better visibility, social site would give you that. It will allow you to generate traffic and lots of backlinks, if the sites are dofollow it can benefit you a lot

Yup, social bookmarking is now regarded as a very powerful SEO tool.

you know lots people like go to the bookmark sites ,so if you submit your site to those site, it could get you traffics,and some of them could get your backlinks.

Bookmarking is very important for seo because they create traffic very high and easy cache site.

Check this tutorial it will help you

Yes, Bookmarking is now a days an essential part of the SEO, Social bookmarking is a good choice and thus a lot of referral traffic can be generated using this.

to build link

In what ways? What authority regards it as such? Documentation please.

well i am not an expert but i’m just saying this as a conclusion from what i’ve read on seo tips websites

here are some examples:

When we start with some site or blog, we do not have much organic traffic, so generating traffic from social bookmarking sites in the beginning is the best way to keep the new sites going.

social bookmarketing sites is good for SEO
to build backlinks
to get traffic
you could search social bookmarketing sites on

True. bookmarking is really a powerful tool in optimizing site.

I didn’t see anything on those three sites which told me they were any kind of authority. The first two are selling services and the last was written by someone with 2 years of SEO experience, while covering some valid basics, it also seems to include some dubious information. If someone like Danny Sullivan, Brett Tabke, Phil Craven or David Harry said that backlinks from SB sites had lots of value I would investigate again and possibly reconsider, but I don’t believe you’ll find anything like that. Look at it this way: Do you think that Google would allow an easy and obviously manipulative (which they really hate) way to attain good rankings? No. There is no magic bullet. There’s just a lot of consistent and time consuming work applied in the correct areas. Notice that I didn’t say those links were worthless, I’m just saying that they are worth very little. On the other hand SB postings can bring you tons of traffic and if you’re selling something that that market wants then you can do quite well.