What do you think about backlink from facebook?

Facebook is a site with PR google 9.i think facebook can give me a backlink.but backlink from facebook are dofollow or nofollow? share your opinion for me in here…thanx for your opinion…

yes, Facebook give your website link from your profile but that is nofollow.

No. Facebook don’t generate backlinks.

Yep… and not good one…

schatzjopie, if you can get one, then do it.

Backlink is backlink. I’m sure you know there are many ‘gurus’ who tell that nofollow links don’t help, but they DO HELP! The only thing about nofollow link is that nofollow link does not transfer Google PR, but link is still indexed properly and helps getting better search engine rankings.

here is an old article, but it’s still worth reading today in my opinion - http://www.squidoo.com/trackback-submitter-reviews

thanks hosting 24 that is interesting well i will look this things in next blog posts and see what it will do

sb225, keep us updated and let us know how it works for you.

True, a link is a link. But if you want to maximize the use of facebook. Try promoting your site daily there, add a lot of friends and socialize to grab attention and attract more traffics.

Facebook used to be do follow. But I think recently they changed to no follow. Having said that facebook is a great source of traffic, despite being no follow

a backlink from there is useless as its NoFollow. but you might get some actual traffic from it depending where u post.

It is not useful
either nofollow
or search engines really do not find or care about it

I got a good traffic from Facebook. I just put the URL of my blog in my profile and after several months, 30% of my blog’s traffic is from Facebook.

I’ve never been fully sold on the thought that nofollow is useless. That being said, it can only even be useful in SEO if it gets indexed. On top of no follow, I believe FaceBook hides user created links, and scrambles them, for the search engines.

yeah…afetr i check my backlinks, any one from facebook. facebook give tag nofollow…huhffttt…i think facebook can attract ny pagerank

FB does not really give you a backlink, rather what it only gives is a traffic that mostly comes from the links you post about your latest articles. It my contribute some links but it does not really give much

ok i know it now.thanx for your opinion.it lessons for me.i want to make mykeyword as <snip> from facebook.

Face book links are nofollow but dont need to worry, they can able to provide more traffic to you.

Nofollow unfortunately, like twitter.

dofollow is better.

Facebook, I don’t think linking from them will help much, you really want better links and that takes a lot of work.