How to get backlink from Facebook and Twitter?

I want to get backlink from Facebook and Twitter to increase traffic, I was create Facebook Fanpage and also blog url on my Twitter bio, but the backlink and traffic has never comes, can evrybody help me?
Thank you in advance

There is no quick fix. Do you trawl Facebook pages looking for links to click? Do you click links on Twitter profiles? If the answer is Yes, then why? Probably because those things are offering something you value. So you have to post good content and tell people about it.

Thank you Ralph, I set up new blog post automatically share to twitter and facebook page, but as you said good content is very interesting, try to do it,
Thank you

Are you referring to dofollow links? If so the answer is you can’t.

right, I put a dofollow link on the facebook page, then what should I do to get a backlink from my facebook page and twitter? is it possible to get both of them?

A link is a link. Are you saying that Google is not registering it as a meaningful link? Well, don’t be surprised by that. Google is not interested in your own self promotional links. they are interested in others (with reputable pages) judging your site to be worth linking to.

As far as I know (and I don’t use Facebook), surenot is correct, and Facebook links are all nofollow.

(There is no such attribute as “dofollow”; links are followed by default, or marked as rel=“nofollow”.)

Yes indeed. I’m suspecting the real question is whether or not Google considers such links worthy, which they most likely don’t, and thus count could as significant incoming links.

(It’s many years since I took any interest in this sort of thing, but I remember back in the day that there was some Google service—Analytics?— that listed incoming links they considered worth factoring into their rating of a page’s importance. I was shocked at how many incoming links they were ignoring. All those hours I spent posting on ‘the best’ directories and link farms, all for nothing. Jeesh!)


Google doesn’t state whether they only show the “worthy” links in GWT, but they do say it’s normal that not all links appear there. They state that a search will return a sampling of links to a site, and that GWT will show “a much larger sampling”.

good sounding,
thank to everyone for explanation

You can’t instantly increase your website’s traffic in an instant. Continue to post quality contents and from there you will see an increase in your stats. :slight_smile:

use this tool very helpful to syndicate automatically your new blog post on social media. & capture only target audience on social media. First of all you are going in a wrong direction because social media is not for link building it is for branding, conversions, lead generation & traffic.

As other people already cleared you that twitter & social media links are NO-Follow so there is no link value from these links for GOOGLE. Focus on Quality traffic & good content syndication.

Thank you all, the explanation is very helpful in increasing the website traffic and building links, sorry with this stupid question, I’m learning, I hope you can help me to explain a lot of things.
many articles and tutorials that explain about link building and website traffic, but not entirely true. I get a lot of things in this forum.

For Facebook and Twitter try to share interesting and useful things which user want. Try to use has tag in proper way. Make a interesting profile in theses sites. Have regular sharing but with quality stuff.
Just keep in mind you have to make your stuff in such a manner that user has to Like it, share it, re-tweet it and follow your profile.

If you’re not getting from twitter or facebook, maybe you’re not sharing something interesting enough for people to click. OR, you are sharing tweets at sleeping hours (talking about your targeted viewers). You can both improve in writing the best phrase that attracts people to click on your link and post tweets at times when most of your viewers are online. Your best shot for that would, of course, be waking hours (not the working/busy hours). Just work through it until you get the feel of which time gets you the best traffic.

recently got backlink from Twitter

Thanks everyone

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