Back links to Facebook

Hello friends,

Please tell me, can i get back links to Facebook, if yes then tell me how?

links from Facebook are “No-follow” but that they don’t have ANY value is up for discussion.

Here is a great article on Sphinn where some very good SEO post some comments on their thoughts on the value of nofollow links. I would suggest you read though them and draw your own conclusions. ttp://

“So don’t spend your time on it and try to find some relevant websites for your industry and place your links there, and you’ll see the result.”

I completely agree. If it’s strong backlinks that you are after focus on industry relevant sites for better results.

Thanks, there is already a thread discussing this topic that was started just a week ago. How to get backlink from Facebook and Twitter?

Please read it and if you have futyher questions ask there

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The question seems to be how to get backlinks to Facebook, rather than from Facebook, but again, we have many threads discussing ways to build backlinks. At the end of the day, the only reliable method is to provide great content, which people will choose to link to. Other techniques may work in the short term, but are unlikely to give you sustained results.