What do you think about backlink from facebook?

But it is indexed in google and yahoo.

Also some search engines (like ASK) follow the Nofollow links.

ABSOLUTELY ALL search engines index and follow “nofollow” links. The only thing nofollow tag is used for - to prevent PR from being transferred to other page (site).

Yes but some SE do no indexes the “linked to” pages

That’s right, Google loves the same things as people love.

Facebook backlinks are nofollow, but if you use that as an excuse not to market to hundreds of millions of people, then you really are stupid.

u can link to authority sites for traffic but not increasing u r pagerank

Well though it gives you a no-follow link but still it is a backlink, it won’t help in getting PR but you can have good amount of traffic from it.

I am srue the facebook and twitter all is nofollow…last I use then make the backlink…but recently don’t …as the nofollow…

Have to wholeheartedly agree. To ignore the untold numbers of people that could find your site through FB simply because it won’t help people find it through Google is sheer and utter folly. IMHO way too much attention is given to PR. I understand more and more why Google gives it less weight.

facebook don’t gave backlinks but what it gave is traffic. If you have a lot of follower then it could gave you huge traffic from FB.

I don’t think facebook gave a backlinks from his site it is because it is a nofollow site also. What facebook can give is traffic.

This is first video of the year from Matt Cutts and this is exactly what you are asking about :
"While Facebook and Twitter links may be treated like any other links, they do still come with things to keep in mind. For one, with Facebook, you have to keep in mind that a lot of profiles are not public. When a profile is not public, Google can’t crawl it, and it can’t assign pagerank on the outgoing links if it can’t fetch the page to see what the outgoing links are. If the page is public, it might be able to flow pagerank, Matt says. With Twitter, most links are nofollowed anyway.

“At least in our web search (our organic rankings), we treat links the same from Twitter or Facebook or, you know, pick your favorite platform or website, just like we’d treat links from Wordpress or .edus or.govs or anything like that,” says Cutts. “It’s not like a link from an .edu automatically carries more weight or a link from a .gov automatically carries more weight. But, the specific platforms might have issues, whether it’s not being crawled or it might be nofollow. It would keep those particular links from flowing pagerank.”"