Backlinks as social bookmarking sites


Does social bookmarking sites can be backlinks to your web site???

Yes some social bookmarkings sites gives backlinks to your sites.

It depends. The site should be dofollow so that it has a weight :slight_smile:

not always social bookmarking sites can be backlinks to your web site, but you can get some traffic from there

Definitely Social book marking will give you the great back link resource, Moreover traffic too.

Some sites are dofollow and will give you some juice but it is also important to use social networking and bookmarking sites to drive direct traffic to your site. it all helps

Yes, they generate traffic and backlinks to your website. Try do-follow and also involve in Social Groups so more peoples while consider your links…

Yes. you can get back links from social networking site, but most of the sites are not having dofollow links. But you can get more traffic.

Can anyone explain how social book markings sites actually generate backlinks when they are nofollow’d?

Well, not all social networking site are nofollow. Also some SE do not abide by the NoFollow rule and may index NoFollow sites.

Yes, Of course , they can be but you have to keep on checking which are the ones which does get as back links :slight_smile:

definitely that why first thing to do for a new site (after some unique content) is to go for Social Bookmarking on top social networking websites they will generate traffic as well as backlinks for your website

Could you show me an example?
I would like to know which social bookmarking sites give backlinks!

I say yes because social bookmarking provides the facility to put a link on your story and also there are many other ways by which you can generate more traffic online.

how to use
bit confusing . how we get back link
if i add my site in the Favorite does i get backlink from it?

Yes, that’s right …
social bookmarking is effective to get more backlinks to your’e sites and also as media to do promotion well…


Social bookmarking is a waste of time I think. Unless you’re a professional write and write really long articles. Most of us don’t, you’re better off blog commenting and trading links.

yes you’re–>social bookmarking give yor backlink. but if want to have much backlinks join with forum have high pagerank

yes off-course

Yes, There are so many high PR dofollow social bookmarking sites are there