What can you recommend for my company

I have a price comparison based in Germany. The page is called URBILLIG.com. I would like to get more traffic. Can you give me some tips in this area?

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It might be helpful if you could provide more information. For example, who is your target audience? (Age, location, etc.) Which methods of promotion have you already tried? There is no “one-size-fits-all” method in marketing that I know of. The more information you can give, the more likely you are to receive useful replies, rather than vague, generic responses.

You are tending to became new European Amazon, or maybe Danube :slight_smile: Lot of product categories, you are actually selling everything. You must be definitely present on social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…you must start creating Google ads for your store, but as you are not specified in certain Niche it is hard to target specific audience because everyone could be your buyer. I think best fro you would be to promote your store on certain web portal where there are lot of readers, to contact them and write short article about your store, publish it and your potential customers will see it. That you are specified in one specific niche than it is easy to target customers with for example Facebook ads and get traffic that way on your web store.

The OP has said they have a price comparison website. Not actually selling anything.

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You are right, i did not go in detail review, just through categories, thanks. I suppose it is one of the ways of affiliate marketing. But anyway, advice stands for getting traffic.


I am Mike Davis.

As I had a look at your website, I got a clear idea about the website and what it is for.

I must say it is a very innovative idea and very useful for the users searching for any particular product to buy, your site can provide them with the platform selling that product at the cheapest cost.

So, even after having such a good idea the reason why your site is not getting enough traffics can depend on a various aspect such as:
1. User Interface of your website: I think as a first-time visitor of your website user might face a little bit of trouble as the UI is a bit confusing. What you can do is revamp your website with the better UI/UX
2. Mobile Platform is Trending Right Now: The other factor might be is the latest trends, as more and more people are willing to get all the facilities on their mobiles phones through apps. So its better if you look to expand your reach to your user base through a mobile app.
3. Marketing Strategies: The proper marketing is needed to reach your targeted user base and keeping your user base in mind the strategies has to be made and executed, which I think is missed out in your case.

I am sure you can achieve your desired target base with your idea but with some upgrading as I suggested.

Thank You. I hope my views are useful to you.

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