Comparison Shopping Site - How to Gain Traffic?

I have created a comparison shopping site that is based upon the API. I’m not sure if I can post a link to it here because of forum rules…so I won’t. But it is an all-product shopping site that also has a dedicated technology section. The reason for this technology section is because I use that part of the site for my other website, which is a well-established, successful technology review/information website.

This shopping site already gets traffic from my review website through product comparison/shopping links for products that are reviewed.

However, I wanted to build traffic for the rest of the site to includes all products, just not technology. I realize that advertising through Google AdWords or similar is probably the best strategy. But what other ways can I promote the site? I’m open to any suggestions.

If you suggest Google Adwords (or another CPC service), how should I go about creating ads for the site? Should I focus on specific products, categories, etc.?

Thanks for the help.

Go to social networks with marketing activities, you can try mixing Adword and FB campaign .

Have you tried writing content on your site and syndicating that content? If not, you can try that out. Another good thing would be taking advantage of social media sites, just as Dostava mentioned. Although I wouldn’t consider social media sites as marketing tools, it’s still a good chance to promote in such a way that you’re also building a bridge between you and your potential customers.

Create Few Pages by category and start promoting your website on Search Engines through SEO activities which can increase ranking on your targeted keyword in Search Engines like Google It is one of the best option for increase visitors on your site. also create default meta for each and every web page as per category, Products keywords and etc.

You can start promoting your website over social media platforms.

Start Blog/News section on your site and write content about industry news, news product lanching, etc it also can increase your website traffic.

Hope this all information will help you to increase traffic on your website.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Marketing starts with value so… What is it about your site that makes it unique / special such that it stands out from the CSE market?