Need help

hello everyone…

i need help about affiliate marketing i am new to the this sector.
just now i buy 1 domain and create account on clickbank.
can anybody help me about the website promotion.
how can i promote my website so that i can generate sells?

Please help…

in fact your question is too large, there is a lot of ways to promote your website, while the talk is about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) Then you have to work on backlinks… audience, Social Bookmarking, Social networking…

i think there is a lot of step by step here on the forum, just do some search concerning : website traffic


Clickbank is just like a global classified and one can buy or sell anything there. If you want to promote your product there, you must complete your profile details and launch an add with the product you are wishing to sell.


There are many ways to drive traffic to your website.

Free methods, slow and requires consistency:
Article Marketing
Forum Marketing
Video Marketing
Blog Commenting

Paid methods (create traffic on demand) highly recommended if you have the budget:
Facebook Ads
Solo Ads
Ad Swaps

Gary Ganesan

For clickbank product, you can create content based on the products you are going to promote and do SEO targeted keywords , it would help.