I Could Use Some Advice on Advertising Options

I’m familiar with Adsense and I do have a site that makes a few bucks from it.
But what I need is advice on a site I started a site dedicated to a a Medieval History game.
Since it had a Medieval theme, I thought Amazon would be a good choice (put up ads for history books and such). Since I started with Amazon about 5 months ago I have almost 200 clicks, but not a single sale.
I think my traffic numbers are decent, well at least for me.
From Google Analytics:

    Mar 1, 2011 - Jun 26, 2011

    11,210 Visits 

    203,958  Pageviews 

    18.19 Pages/Visit 

    31.56%  Bounce Rate 

    00:07:48  Avg. Time on Site 

    35.52% % New Visits[/B] 

So, with these numbers, what are some advertising options that I could try? I really have my doubts about Amazon right now. Like I said, I’ve had some success with Adsense, but is that all there is?

This is a “work in progress” and I know I have much re-designing to do. Please don’t slam me on design. That will come later. The info is up and being accessed. I’m concentrating on capitalizing on current traffic.

Well usually adsense and Yahoo advertising will cater to the content on the site. Does that not work for your content?

Well I did initially try Adsense, but the few clicks I got where about 3-5 cents each, so I thought it might be a good time to try something else.
As far as Amazon goes, I found out that the ads aren’t really content driven, they’re related to your visitors browsing history and the sale needs to be made immediately. No cookies. But I thought to give it a try. Now I’m ready to dump them.
Can you tell me of some CPM advertisers that might work?

You also can work with a network like linkworth.They offer you multiple streams to make money from a single site or blog.Just check it out yourself and I guarantee you will not be dissatisfied.

I’ll check them out ishuvonent. Thanks.
Do you use them?

Given the numbers I stated for my site, could someone give me a ballpark average figure that I could be gaining as revenue from any given network?
And after reading a little, I get the impression that I could use more than one network per page.
Is this so?