What are the options to monetize other than google adsense?

Google adsense did not accept my site?I dont know,why, even the other similar sites are doing well with google adsense.My site was rejected for inappropriate content.

Well what are the other options to earn if traffic is below 500.Are there options besides adbrite & bidvertiser too?

my experience with Bidvertiser is pretty bad.

Amazon is good if you have a niche site or blog.

Me too, I try register more times but he don’t accept.But when I visit some site, it only one article which google adsense. I will try register with blogger, to see better or not !

I think those two are pretty much the ones that follow Adsense. You can also join commission junction and see how that works for you.

Did Google tell you exactly the reason why your site was rejected? That used to seem odd to me but I am starting to see more and more people complaining about their site being turned down by Adsense.:frowning:

To give you a heads up

As a general rule of thumb the percent of visitors that click on your site will generally be from .5% to 3% and per ad you may get from .05 cents to 5 dollars (usually closer to 5 cents)…so a website with really low traffic wont net you much

If you have a low traffic but a potential traffic then you can use affiliate programs on your website. Refer potential customers to your Affiliate partners and earn money for every positive referral. Select affiliate program that suites your sites theme and your niche.