Ways to earn money from website

My adsense account with Google is blocked (not due to spamming, its exceptional case, I had registered a domain name and registered an adsense account, later the domain name has expired and email associated with adsense account got vanished, now neither i am able to register a new account nor able to access previous one).

So I’m wishing to know what are the other ways to earn handsome money from a website beside google adsense.

I know sitepoint is full of pros so I’m expecting lots of replies telling me those methods.

This thread will help everyone those having problem with google adsense.

Thanks in advance!

Well affiliates programs such as clickbank, cj.com and others can earn you a lot of money, but the skills involved are quite different than adsense.
It isn’t as easy, but the rewards can be greater once you’ve mastered the skills needed for affiliates.
Me I’ve been too lazy and since I’m not yet banned from adsense, I’ve been working nearly exclusively on getting more traffic to my sites and not working much at all on developping my affiliates skills.
I’ll probably regret it once I get banned, which can happen at anytime or never.

There are many different ways to earn money online. I recommend the following:
Amazon Affiliate Program

Did any of you guy made some money using these affiliateS?

well, some of our friends make literally thousands of dollars per month. if u know the correct marketing technique, then you surely will. its just about how you market yourself

sahi bol rahey ho prime ya jhoot?,tumne kitne kamaye?

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Well you can go for other options like adbrite.com, bidadvertiser.com, textlinkads.com also affiliate marketing is good idea toearn money from websites…

yeah those are the methods already said, you may also try CPA, Pay per leads kind of thing. But I think affiliate programs are better business models then adsense.

you should try another ads network such as adbrite ,bidvertiser … or selling ads from your site directly . I think affiliate is a good way to make money but it’s harder than ad .


In addition, just like an Affiliate eBook will say, anybody can become an affiliate to earn extra money for a home-based employment or career. Make money online by reveling with the technological resources available to grow fonder with the internet, create a new and exciting way to pursue a sales or marketing career with the power of advertising and fulfilling much more while still having the luxuries of rest and total control of work schemes.

If the domain is only expired, you could buy the domain again.

If the domain is currently registered, you could ask the current owner for a temporary email account just long enough to get the email changed at google.

Building an affiliate business is one of the easiest ways to start a business online. You don’t need your own products, you don’t have to provide customer service, and in fact, you don’t even need a website. If you want to earn real profits from an affiliate business though, then you need real strategies for getting traffic and earning profits.

Work from home, make money from your Website, join affiliate programs, summer jobs, seasonal jobs, get paid to take online surveys, get paid by reading email, get paid by surfing the Web, money making tutorials, earn revenue by placing ads on your Website, advertisement programs, get a fee to refer customers, receive commission for offering custom builds, etc.

great suggestions!!! thanks mate… :slight_smile:

According to daily blog tips: Here are some ways to make money from your Website: PPC Advertising Networks, CPM Advertising Networks, Direct Banner Advertising, Text Link Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Monetization Widgets, Sponsored Reviews, RSS Feed Ads, Sponsors for Single Columns or Events, Premium Content, Private Forums, Job Boards

nextgenseo you can try autopilotmarketplaces .com

Contact Google. :slight_smile:

I have tried using adbrite,bidvertise and i lso have adsense but i only use that on safe sites as i call them so that i dont loose my account but of late i have been using clicksor which has been far better than bidvertiser which pays badly.

Yahoo/msn/bing merger might be an interesting option for ppc ads in the future. Think they’ll be expanding rapidly and offering some good incentives…

I’m also tired of the Google dance. Trying to get all my sites off adsense and into affiliate systems such as clickbank, cj, etc