What about selling twitter accounts with followers?

Hello guys! What do you think about purchasing twitter accounts with a lot of followers? I am asking that because i am doing this service and it’s good when you want to get free traffic for a website. The bad part is that it takes time to get enough followers.
Is it worth purchasing twitter accounts with followers?

Well, I can create hundreds of accounts with hundreds of real followers, would you buy? My point is, why waste money to a product you don’t even know what is the content and source?

Those people want to follow the seller, not the buyer so most would stop following once they realise the account has been sold.

ahhhh… the 'ol bait and switch. Yeah, sounds like a sneaky tactic destined for failure. Pretty sure twitter wouldn’t appreciate it very much either.

Felgall, but what if you follow those back. Most of them will continue being your followers. And why do we have to tell them when we bought an account?

Not everyone just automatically follows those who follow them.

I have two criteria for who I follow:

  1. They must be someone I know (not necessarily personally but I must have had significant contact with them apart from Twitter)
  2. They must have something interesting to say in at least some of their posts.

That’s why I have over 12 times as many people following me as I follow on Twitter.

If one of those I was following sold their Twitter account then I’d definitely stop following them straight away.

Yes, agree with you.

Well, as for me, i would not buy/sell a personalized account, i.e. that represents a person. Seems not really fair in all ways. And yes, you will lose followers/traffic soon…

If buying an account where followers follow a product, idea or website, just keep filling it with useful similiar info and it will be good imo…

Just look out for accounts specially built for sale - getting a few thousands of followers is not really hard if you do not look for quality…

True also, but, what if the customer provides the seller with his account details and the seller is searching and providing niche followers for the customer on it’s account?
Would you be interested to purchase this kind of service if there are cheap rates like my case?

If thinking for real, getting an account which will fit into your needs would be quite difficult - as if you need a strict niche subject, it will be hard to find an account specially built for that - unless your subject is popular enough.

If it is not popular, you will have to have a kind of market or other resource with multiple choices are available for purchase.

Anyways, for my case, i would prefer building my own account(s). As it is relatively easy to (semi)automate and you see what you get. With a good chance to build a resource which is really useful for people.

just imo, though… maybe, time is worth more than quality =)

As far as I am aware, the Twitter terms of service strictly prohibits the sale of accounts on the network. So I think that clears up your question. :slight_smile:

PS: Twitter have also said they will ban people if they find they have been purchasing or selling followers (easy to notice in large quantities).

This is an unprofessional idea IMO… It is easy to create a twitter aco**** and get thousands of followers, but the question is, are these followers real or just forced to follow using software?..

I don’t think it’s a good idea…

Thousands of followers are not a quality unless they are really a real follower to your twitter.

And TBH, a huge number of followers is actually a bit of a burden in many ways.

I tweet for SP and we have 60k + followers. There is just no way I can have meaningful exchanges with that many people. I rely on searches but there must be SO many opportunities that I am missing.

It would seem that if you bought an account with 10-15k followers, you could make a few $$ posting some CPA teasers. Don’t know how long it would last though.

You can use services like sponsoredtweets.com to place an ad tweet on high profile twitter accounts. I’ve used the service to see how it works out. It’s definitely time consuming to find the right person for your advertisement, but it shows promise if you are committed.

I’m totally against purchasing Fans on Facebook or Followers on Twitter. Those followers that have been purchased are not the followers that you have targeted as being a “qualified” customer and therefore any visits that you get from them on your website will rarely convert.

I think it depends on how you are paying. Offering a false incentive will certainly drive the wrong traffic (like a free product for every fan) but there are times where advertising is certainly a good way to bring the right people.

The reality of social is that while it’s exploding people don’t always go out and look for the brands they like. For example, have you gone searching for your favorite artist? Maybe. How about your favorite headphone company? Probably not. That great ice cream shop down the street? Doubt it.

That’s where ads come in. Not for getting sales today or driving people outside of your demographic to your page but rather in letting your fans know that you are around so they can join up and follow.

Ted, considering both Facebook and Twitter prohibit the creation and sale of followers and friends (they regularly ban and blacklist people who suddenly get surges in followers due to buying them in bulk), it should answer the question… drewhoward is entirely correct to dislike TOS violators as their spammers. :slight_smile: