Purchasing Facebook/Twitter/Yahoo Fans!

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I just looked at this - http://www.socialkik.com/index.html, from another thread, not really sure what to make of it. Is this for real?

I need to get my company Facebook page recognized, but there is little point in having robot fans, or people from third world impersonating local people.

Has anybody had any experience with this? Is this honestly for real?

If it make a difference I can try it to see the results it will bring, but I don’t think any of those fans will be any use to me.

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A couple of days ago I started this thread http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=705210 about buying facebook fans so that I could know other people’s experience and opinion. So I decided to increase exposure of my business on Facebook by buying facebook fans. I did a little research and tried it out. Honestly, you have to be careful when buying fans because I was scammed on my first attempt, but got great results on my second one from a different website. I recommend it!

yeah… there are really some websites that sell fans… but… this fans are useless for you… there’s only one positive thing about them - once your page shows lots of fans - other people are more likely to “like” it

There are people and places you can go to get more facebook fans, but why would you hire that out. If you are doing this for business then you obviously care about creating a relationship with the people, so hiring out this or buying fans will completely do away with the relationships aspect of it.

How do you define results? Just a bunch of “fans” or actual engagement / response / conversions?

I really think that it would make sense for twitter. I mean followers to your business page on twitter would tend to retweet your content so if you find a service that MANUALLY searches for tweeter followers to match your business or service, that would be great.

Not for Facebook or Yahoo though. It’s much more difficult to build a relationship there

Well yes because before I bought the package I only had a couple of fans. I don’t remember the exact number though.

Can you say how you know which are bought, unless you had only 30 fans that were all people you know…`

To be honest with you Ted, a couple of the “bought” fans started leaving comments on the statuses I am posting and I see an increase on traffic on my Google analytics. Some of them seem to be genuinely interested, while others are not. However, overall I think it was worth it spending $40 bucks.

they probably don’t arrest you for that! but communicating with many people at once is not that easy, find friends in “natural” ways, join some chat games start making friends your friend list will be 1000 in no time, this got potential,:D.

Your question and goal are not in sync and should answer your own question. You need traction yet you want to know if you can hand someone a few dollars to have it delivered? The answer is obviously know. Even if the fans you got were amazing people they would not be relevant enough to matter, they would not be your fans.

You can certainly pay to develop a page and grow it… you could be advertising, doing giveaways, building content, hiring people to respond more, strategists, etc. Those have costs but are not about importing names but rather doing things that make people see or want to fan your page. That’s how you grow… more content, more engagement, more eyes.

My antivirus guard (Avira) showed it as a malicious website hosting malware, so I don’t think it’s that trustworthy.

Either way, buying fans is a bad idea… if they don’t come naturally, they don’t care and thereby their as useless as bots. :slight_smile:

You can definitely try this, however, when you purchase fans don’t be surprised if you don’t get a lot of feedback because it may probably be a purchase of people who are far from being interested in your company.

Think about this, you spend $59 for 1000 “fans” on facebook. They don’t mention if they are real or fake. If these are real people, they can unfan in a few minutes…

This one looks like a bad idea, it’s more like a Facebook version of PPC schemes. And besides, getting genuine fans will surely get you more mileage unlike robots.

I would stay away from that, I am a friend that got his fan page banner from using a service similar to that.