Buying facebook fans

Hi guys,

Has anyone bought fans to their facebook fan pages? Any experiences?

As I’ve done some research it seams like a good way to reach new potential customers and get social proof to your page.

It’s a waste of money!

What use is a hundred or a thousand “likes” from those who could care less about your business, product or service?

I guess he is looking for “likes” for his client. A better option is to run facebook campaign and display your ads to relevant audience, this way you will get genuine likes :slight_smile:

You can find a few posts on this topic with opinions on this if you search around but to sum it up, there’s really nothing “good” about this strategy.

  1. Social Credibility: All you’re getting is a hollow number and likely one that is far too small to be “impressive”.

  2. Social Validation: For anyone who does look at the number that you’ve increased, what they’ll see is a lack of interaction in proportion.

  3. Sales from Fans: People who sell fans get them through incentives, fake accounts, and other untargeted campaigns. Either way you’re not getting anything near a targeted user to your page.

  4. Visibility of Fans: Facebook ranks post according to its EdgeRank algorithm. The less your fans interact, the less often your posts show up to them, their friends and all your fans. We’re not talking 1 or 2% blocking, we’re talking 70%+ which means you’re just reducing the impact you have to real fans in the end.

  5. Getting Banned: Facebook has no problem with people advertising their pages but fan services don’t generally play by the books and the tactics they use can get them, and you, kicked off.

Any one of those reasons should be enough to get you running for the hills…

Instead put together a decent content strategy, a few relevant promotions and go ahead and get them out to your existing visitors, targeted audiences, and offline customers depending on your business.

It is found out many times that doing that is kind of waste of money because sometimes fans give weird comments and sometimes don’t interact or may even show dislikes

Well, I am also against buying likes.
But you can do it quite cheap using Facebook Ads - you will get more or less targeted visitors in this case as you can set up targeting criteria, not only geographical and age/gender, but try showing your ads only to people with similar to your subkect interests.
Also there are a lot of groups in LinkedIn where you can exchange likes (and it’s free) with other people, it’s quite time-consuming, but rather cost-effective.

Buying fans is not waste of money especially if you are beginning with a product/business/blog. because having good number of likes/fans on your facebook page grabs the attention of REAL people…

Go ahead, if you are a beginner !

Actually you don’t call it that way. There’s a feature in Facebook, if you’re the owner of the page, where you can post ads that will promote your page to random Facebook users that share the same interests as your page. It’s like an Adwords scheme by Google only it promotes your Facebook Fan Page.

Usually the person who deliver likes does it automatically using bots or manually using other people that do the same thing (exchange likes). This means that they are not a potential customer for your site. Don’t waste your money.

It’s a waste of everything. If you bought fans for your fan page, that won’t do anything. As what they are all saying, It is better to get a hundreds of fans who is active rather than a million who you don’t know if the FB owner really exist.

I’m not stupid enough to do this, but I’ve met a number of business owners that have paid for premium spam services

As they’ve said, you get what you pay for, and that’s a large number by the word “fans”. They also received several spam comments a day from users with broken English that he eventually had to delete.

The general consensus is that people who fake popularity are easy to spot and if anything it ruins the perception of your brand. If you want to do this then feel free to waste your money and make life easier for your competitors.

If your research is more than “It worked for me/people I know, therefore it works!” then it may have some merit, but when there’s so much against it my pessimism is well-founded.

additionally, if you are buying facebook fans just make sure it is a highly targeted traffic with real and legitimate accounts so you may get visitors/subscribers that truly cares and interested about your niche/biz.

Increasing likes is not a big thing for me, i will bring it easily. If you buy likes means whether you will get your valuable customers???

This problem need time to increasing link.

You have to be sure that the facebook fans you buy are active users and not fake accounts, dont fall into the trap!!

Nope! i think it’s just awaste of time…
sorry if i misbehaving.

will you get valuable likes in buying???

I don’t think so.

Buying fans wont actually work if its full of spam and fake profiles. From what I see, its better to focus on the quality of your contents than paying for something that can ruin the reputation of your fanpage. If the content is good, the fans will keep coming in.

would it actually pay to “buy” facebook fans? I think you can run contests and create other incentives so people like your page.