Website Traffic Issue

Hello all, I have been working on a new website since last 1 month. Till now I am able to get only 30 visitors per day. Each content is originally written by me and I have already submitted a sitemap to Google and Bing webmaster. The web contains few backlinks, internal and external links also. Actually I am following all the rule to make my site search engine friendly…
Please tell me how much time does it take to get a decent amount of traffic from search engines?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

new website or blog needs some time to settle up. Once your website is popular among your readers, they will spread out the words and you will see traffic rise on your blog. Its just been 30 days since you started blogging. So, keep some patience and you will see success…

If you are working both to put unique content and to get quality backlinks definitely you should get the expected amount of traffic after a couple of months.

Use social media to gain some traffic and it will also help the site to rank in Google.