My blog need traffic

hello friends! my blogger site <snip /> is not getting any traffic from google and when i tried to analyse it with google webmaster tool the response was that the bot could not detect the content of my site. please i need help.

Try to make maximum number of back links in a day this will help you in generating traffic for you blog.normally we should make 20-30 back links but if you are getting no results from these then i suggest that try to make more and more back links.

If Google is not convinced of the quality of your site, building large numbers of low-qualiy links to it is not going to help.

Firstly, you can check whether your site has been indexed by Google using a site:yourdomain search. That will give you an idea of how much of your site has been indexed. If your pages have been indexed, but are not appearing high in the search results, then you need to look again at your content. Google returns what it considers to be the most relevant results for any search term. Try it yourself with any of the terms you think people might use to reach your site, then have a look at the top results. In what way do these sites differ from yours? Can you see ways in which you might improve your own site?

It’s hard work, but at the end of the day, the only way to rank highly in Google (and therefore get good traffic) is to have a good site with great content. Don’t waste your time building worthless links; use it to build the best site you can. :slight_smile:

First thing to you have to make sure that your blog having quality and unique content. Target those keywords in content which having good amount of searchers in search engine. Then fetch that blog page in google webmaster and do social bookmarking on the high pr sites. I hope it will help you to gain some traffic.

I too suggest you to check if your site is indexed in google, if not than resubmit the xml sitemap in webmaster tools and check again if you are getting indexed.

You should post on regular basis and try to promote your website on Social Media sites which will help in getting visitor to your site.

The question is how to increase traffic from Google, given the problem described by the OP.

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You have to create a sitemap from here: and then submit it to Google webmasters tool. Blogger posts are indexed by Google, so unless you have checked to make your blog private, your posts will be indexed. As far as traffic is concerned, you can’t really get help! You can do link building and stuff like that for your posts and hope Google thinks of your site as quality and ranks you.

Share the information regarding your blog on social media networking sites such as facebook, google plus, twitter, linkedin, pinterest etc. to increase traffic on it.

Go for max no of quality back links in a day. Your target should be high PR site not the low PR site. Also you can focus on SMO besides back links.

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