Need traffic from search engine

hey friend currently i running a blog from didnot getting good please tell how to get good traffic.I need traffic from search engine because they give huge traffic.
for search engine is link exchange will help me and how to do free link exchange for blogger blog.

Write unique & quality content, it will help you to generate traffic and backlink.

Forget about link exchanges. Focus on writing quality, relevant content that others will want to link to and pass along to others. If you focus on writing quality, relevant content, the links will take care of themselves.

If you don’t have the ability to write the content yourself, there are article writing services that will write content for you affordably. Stay away from companies that advertise to write articles for $2. The only thing you’ll get for $2 is garbage.

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all you need is unique & quality content

Write unique & quality content, it will help you to generate traffic and backlink.

Sorry, I can’t resist…I just hate blanket statements like that…

Find what people in your industry are searching for already. If you want to get hit by a car, you would go into the street right? Why not write “quality content” for topics that are already being searched for???

Use Google’s free keyword search tool or wordtracker or some other tool to identify what people are searching for and add a content pages to your site to address the questions people have. It’s not so hard and it’s not anything strikingly new either.

Update your blog up to thrice a week and set backlink goals for yourself like building 50 backlinks per day.
It will help you.

Content is the king…be creative and optimize your blog regularly…

Search Engine always loves fresh content, so try to update some content for your blog and quality back links create quality traffic to your website, so try to gain more back links to your website.

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Thank for advice.

Yes i agree. Write the quality and unique content. It very important to generate traffic especially from search engine.

Publish your unique to article directories. Search engines like this

Content is king in SEO. If people find your blog interesting and informative, they will link your blog naturally. Link exchange is fine but don’t do it excessively. Choose your link partners carefully.

writing unique and quality contents for your blog and for article directories can give your site visibility and proper rank so you can get visitors to your site.

What the “Quality Content” Actually means?
For most of my posts, I researched at least 2 hrs to cover the topic, but still there is not too much reader ship gained!!!

I like the idea of “Searching for what people are searching for”

Yep this is a good advice! thanks!

You need some good content, Because content is king in SEO. So make a best content for your blog. Than you can get traffic.

need traffic to your blog… try guest posting… Write linkbait in your guest posts. Some say that your best content should stay on your blog. I disagree. If you have 30 subscribers and you write a guest post for someone with 10,000 subscribers, it can bring you couple of hundred new subscribers if you play your cards right.Before your guest post goes up, make sure that at least your last 2-3 articles are of great quality. Even better, make them part of a series, and if you know what the new visitors are interested in, then they should be much more inclined to subscribe in order to follow that series…

You’ll probably get more traffic from sources other than search engines with less effort.

write quality and unique content n make quality backlinks in PR pages