Website Purchase Agreement?

I am currently looking at aqcuiring a few websites in the $5-20k range. That’s not really big enough to bring in my team of lawyers :lol: but it feels very unprofessional to just paypal or escrow the funds and hope the seller delivers.

There are sites selling sales contracts for domains and websites but it is hard to tell whether they are any good. If you have done deals this size what are you using for purchase agreements, sales contracts, etc? Would you recommend any of the available for purchase forms?

I’ve been exposed to how large companies do 2 and 3 digit million dollar deals and they want to make sure they the seller can show they own the IP and legally able to transfer it. (and literally tons of other stuff). If I wanted to sell my website portfolio someday I would want to pass that burden of proof.


I know this is an old thread, but thought, given that this is a legitimate question that the following link might be useful for anyone else looking for a website purchase agreement.

[B]website purchase agreement[/B]