Purchasing another business' website

Hello all… my first post… I’ve used these forums for awhile as a resource…

I have a client I do minor design work for as well as content writing. They are inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center, which is a very competitive online niche.

A treatment center whose website ranks like a beast is going out of business and my client would like to purchase the site for the substantial amount of leads it generates. As in, have the site live on in perpetuity even though the business does not because my client offers what could be considered a perfect substitute product/service… I know this goes on a lot; especially within this industry…

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to where I could look as to the legality of this with respect to fair trade and deceptive practices and whatnot…



Probably you just need to use an escrow service like escrow.com

If they are going out of business, it doesn’t seem ethical to hold their website for the traffic.

But then again, if they are going out of business it’s pretty likely that their website isn’t going to hold the top spot for long. Eventually it will get stale and move down, and more than likely it will stop being hosted and just disappear.

Unless there is some other competitor doing the same thing, purchasing that website seems like a poor choice of how to spend a marketing budget. That said, if that’s what they want I don’t see a legal problem.

As for fair use and deception, that depends on what they do with the site. What, exactly, are they planning?