Negotiating domain price with Hugedomains

My wife runs a small business with a domain. The equivalent .com domain is for sale from Hugedomains, but with way over $1k it’s far more than we’re willing to pay or can afford.

I’m hoping to negotiate a larger reduction in the price, and will make clear that the .com domain isn’t essential for us to have.

What does anyone think: Is it better to let them know we’re already got a tiny one-person business with that name running on a domain – so they clearly see that the .com domain isn’t essential – or should I keep that to myself and just tell him that all options are open and their .com domain is only one of several? At the moment I feel it may not make much difference.

Thank you for any opinions.

I once made an offer for a domain that was way lower than what they were asking, but they accepted … Once they realised I wouldn’t go higher. It depends on how greedy / desperate they are, but may be worth a try.