Sample sales agreement

Some time ago I noticed where sitepoint had a purchase contract for the sale of websites (and the form itself was for sale) but cannot seem to locate.

Are there any decent sample purchase contracts that are free/getting the basic elements of the contract down?

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I found a website contract here…

Unfortunately the basic contract is $42. It could be well worth it though, especially if you’re dealing with an expensive website.

I’ve got several Sales Contracts/ Asset Purchase Agreements. I’ll try and provide one or two of them for free later today.

There you go, I’ve just saved you guys a few hundred dollars (or at least the $40-$100 that sites charge for legal templates)

Contract For The Sale of A Website





Hi guys I think this sample legal documents may help you for easy dealing with legal issues

as I have mentioned they are sample onlyemail acceptable use policycopyright noticewebsite disclaimeremail disclaimerprivacy policyInternet acceptable use policyterms and conditions of website usage and notice