Website Pages Loading Too Slow

Recently re-design my ecomm. site and pages are now loading too slow. Wonder if it’s the code for the new Live Chat program I’m using w/ the website. I recently cleared my browser history/cache but pages are still loading slow… ?

site is here

You should try a test page without the live chat program and see how that loads.

I ran a traceroute and the network and hosting seem fine.

in firebug I’m seeing javascript.js not found

there’s also an error with upfont-badgeint.js

Hey, guys. Thanks for help as usual.


Alright. I just created a test page using a different version of Live Chat and it didn’t make much of a difference. I don’t know. Will wait things out and get feedback from customers.

Thanks, again.

You should consider testing loading time of your site using some testing tools like pingdom tools (, and also check in on various browsers - if you’re using FF 4.0 beta version you may face ridiculous issues!

And, yeah even Chrome & Opera have their own share of miseries, and same goes with IE…!!!

So, just ensure that it’s NOT browser specific. Here’s how you can use Pingdom tools

It’ll show you which element is taking more time to load, and what the root cause is!

Thanks! Will bookmark those sites now.

take out all of the scripts on your test page. Make it vanilla as possible. From there load one thing back at a time and test again. Maybe that will help you find what’s taking so long.

^ Great suggestion. Thanks.