Slow loading home page

For some reason, my home page header graphic seems to be loading slowly.

I have checked the image weight and HTML validation. I am currently checking CSS validation, and find a bunch of errors relate to Wordpress/K2 CSS (Sigh). Is there anything other than this that might be causing a slow page loading?
Any thoughts on page loading diagnostic tools?

With javascript enabled: 43 requests, 437.7 KB, 6.93s (onload: 6.7s)
With javascript disabled: 22 requests, 177.8 KB, 1.81s (onload: 1.81s)

So it saves 21 requests, 259.9 KB and 5.12s (onload 4.89s)

Furthermore, I don’t see any difference to your website when javascript is disabled. Looks as though it is using nothing of the 259.9KB of scripts.

My advise is to stop loading all the javascripts, as it would seem you don’t need them at all.

  1. Install the FireBug extension for FireFox
  2. Read this tutorial


Thanks. That helps.

Not sure how to use the NET panel. Thoughts?

You can try the Net panel in the FireFox add-on FireBug.
From what I can see for you page it’s first loading loads of javascript (17 scripts with a total of 248.3 KB :eek:) and CSS files (6 files with a total of 34.6 KB :eek:) before it starts downloading the image. Might want to try to combine to javascript files to one and/or minimize them. And, if possible, don’t load those which don’t need loading.

Hmm, 17 Scripts yes (loading them first) would kill my connection and seriously interfere with loading of the images. I agree, see if you can put the page on a diet… You could test it with scripts disabled too and see how much loading time you save.