How to check website loading speed?


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I have an easy question. I hope someone might know the way to do that. Anyways I need a tool to check out my website loading speed. Which tools do you use guys? I found something which I would like to try. Please let me know your reply.

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There are a few online tools to help with this. Google has one:


one of the most useful will be googles seeing as they are quite important so probably best to get a good score from them.

pingdom tools are also useful just remember to set the location the same each time or you will get quite different results.

There are likely to be loads of others if you do a google search but those are 2 i use regularly.



As previous comments mentioned, Pagespeed Insight and Pingdom.
Also I would like to add

In my opinion, those tools should give you an idea only and not be used as definite answers.
As there are various factors that affects the load speed for each user around the world. Like distance from origin server and users internet speed.

I would like to add, test different pages on your website not only homepage. In my case Homepage is pretty fast but when it comes to sub-pages the score/speed differs quite a bit.

note: with the tool i have mentioned, page load may differ from one test to another for unclear reasons.


In my opinion Pingdom Speed Test and Google PageSpeed Insights are the two best tools available for checking website loading speed.


Add to the list


There are a few online tools to check the load time of website my suggestion is which show your suggestions for minimizing the load time


ookla provides the speed test for internet
cox communications too provide this facility
also now a days service providers have their own apps to test internet speed


@pingmycareer the question wasn't about internet speed, but website loading speed.


Pingdom Website Speed Test is fast and gives a very good analysis of what website elements are loaded and which ones take too much time to load. If you use Wordpress, then you may use the plugin 'Autoptimize' which will really reduces loading time.' If you use it, then you may have to disable similar settings from your other cache plugins.


I have use regular pingdom tools because this is one of the best website speed test checker tools.


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Use Firefox Add-ons


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Can you recommend any specific add-ons? Which have you used, and what did you like about them?


I prefer webpagetest because i think it clears cache after every test so you get a more accurate first visit load time after site changes. I don't think the other tests recommended in this thread regularly clear test cache. And partner companies and even regular users can offer their devices for testing which makes the results more "real world" versus the other test sites that use servers hosted in a perfect static environment. I use it because first visit is more important than repeat visit for my purposes.


I use pingdom and sometimes google page speed test

here is a good article about tools


Instead of using a website or tool, you can also look at the chrome developer tools and see the network tab. It will show you load speeds of all the object on the page so you can see if anything is specifically slowing down the load time of your page. Example screenshot is attached.


Google Page Speed is the best... I used pingdom and Gmetrix and although they seem detailed with their results, I broke my site a few times trying to fix their suggestions.... Google Page Speed gives you the basics in what you need to fix and I ended up with pretty great speed on my website with their suggestions.


Google analytics may help you in this case.


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