Website or Blog?

If you are planning on promoting affiliates, which one is the better way to go… website or blog?

Depends on your approach. If you plan to post new articles/reviews often, a blog format would probably make most sense. If you plan to have a more traditional type of site, with fewer articles with less temporal subjects that can withstand the test of time (as opposed to “look what a neat site whateverhost has!”), then a blog format might not be the best fit.

I can’t tell you which format sells best though. I suppose that if you market the site mainly in the blogosphere, a blog might catch their attention faster.

Doesn’t matter, just visitors of your web site or your blog should be interested in web hosting services

I would say blog because they are easy to manage and easy for SEO purpose as well. Adding content is easier and the community of bloggers is really really huge.

Yes with a blog you can be able to add relevant content more frequently.

Blog is a better platform, blog visitor can be any one, even content get change day to day, so its better to have blog over website

I suppose you need to learn your prospective audience first. What I mean: if they come to read your blog or post comment they might not pay attention on the ads. If you start with bot using diffrent subdir and having the same ad you will be able to undertsand how you can organize your ads.

I think that a blog looks like a website or a website like a blog is the best, just like my website! lol !

In my opinion you should start of with Blog…

I’d say a blog, but it really depends on the Niche, target market/etc.

You can start with a blog. Then you may also make your blog like a site in time.

I think that doesn’t matter. That can be forum as well. You need to understand that people which will see your ad should click on it.

I think the blog is the best way to go! For SEO, blogs are the best, because of the amount of content you can put on the homepage. If you go with the blog try wootheme, they are the best!!!

Do you believe there any difference? I men in terms of SEO? Asfor me that tasks looks the same. Anyways to do good SEO you should be expert.