Which is better -- embedded blog or an external blog?

Is it better to have your blog embeded into your site or to have it external?

External blogs are very effective for own site. As by blogs being an external for other site will be more helpful as we can connect to many people and know their response and through this we make our site more known by others.

Try Disqus.

I think that hosting a blog on your own site is the best choice as this way you are not dependant on others and you can do whatever you want – you set the rules and the look and feel of your blog, that is why I’m trying to build my own blog. I’ve started with one page of simple text (I’m not a technical or site expert and I’m making my first steps on this) and what I’m really looking for is a comments system that I can paste into each of my blog pages. Can anyone recommend of a free commenting system that I can add to this web page?

If you embed your blog in your web site, it could also affect your web site. The extra visitors that come to your blog, could also come to your web site. And Google could also rank your site higher thanks to your blog.

It also depends as to whether your blog is on the same topic as your website. If you have a business website, you probably want to keep a personal blog separate from it and maybe link to your business site from your personal blog.

Having a blog at your own site like yoursite.com/blog is useful in a sense that it’ll automatically flows some authority towards your blog and enhances your blog’s ranking. The overall concept of blogging has been taken wrong by many seo experts. Blogging is not to just promote your site. Its a tool which should be use for helping people by posting quality content, to give knowledge. So that they can become your clients and regular readers. Optimizing your blog just for the sake of targeting keywords does gonna help your keywords in ranking but its not the ideal situation where as you can earn good clients.

but that would be given the fact that your site is popular and have regular fans. if not, you’d better start it in a popular social site, one you have many friends in, and even if it’s a nofollow, it would still point traffic to your site better then writing a brilliant blog in a forgotten site