Guest blogging or Article Marketing .Which is the better option?

Is my question is wrong ? Tell me please because i am comparing to both some how same technique, But i found that those are not same techniques .When i searched this Idea then i found different answers. Please I want the answers only from Experienced SEO expert guys.

We’ve had numerous threads like this on here, but I’ll bite.

Neither is a good option.

Guest blogging sounds like a good idea, but since it’s been taken over by SEO spammers any blog that will allow you to do a guest blog post is probably a crappy blog to begin with. You’ll spend a ton of time writing a post up for absolutely no benefit.

Article marketing is no better. The only point of these article repository sites is to gain ad revenue from SEO spammers who think that their articles will give them any kind of SEO gain. It’s the perfect scam, and I doubt it’ll die out any time soon.

Thank you so much, I got idea but people say that content is king but when we did not do the article and guest blogging then how we can reach to the users with good content ,Have you any Idea ?

Content is still king, but in both cases you are writing content for other people. You want your own site to have great content.

Never thought about it this way. I did some article posts in directories about an year ago, which were of absolutely no benefit for the MochaHost’s ranking and I eventually gave it up. Looks like I did the right choice.

yes brother , you are absolutely right , i have the site , but its enough to get the high rank in Google.? I think its not enough then what strategies we should adopt to get the better rank please , i hope to you , you will tell me please brother.