Website Not Accessible from France - Weird Problem

Weird request, and a bit off topic, but I asked for help over at the Adsense forum about ad placement at my website. A SitePoint user tried to help, but for some reason cannot access my website from France.

Has anyone ever heard of this problem? Can anyone in France - or other countries in Europe or elsewhere - see if my site is accessible to them.

Strange problem that I have never heard of before. Any advice on why this might be would be appreciated.

It works for me in the UK…

Thanks Stevie D. Appreciate the feedback.

A number of web hosts are in fact blocked from access in France. I had a similar issue four or five years ago where the hosting provider I was using at the time had another client who got the entire provider banned from French ISP’s. Their government fully encourages this practice of per site censorship and has a list of over a thousand providers who they actively block… In fact, they are generally no better than China on the subject.

Or America if the RIAA ends up having it’s way in Congress.

Still strange. The site in question is hosted at HostGator and has nothing even remotely questionable on it. Doesn’t seem like a candidate for being blocked, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.

Yeah with the domain through GoDaddy… that alone could be the problem – though that could just be my total distrust of BOTH of those companies talking :smiley:

I’m in Greece and everything is fine over here.

Thanks for the info Don. I’m going to write this issue off as some quirk with the one particular site visitor.

Good choice I guess :slight_smile: