Registering .eu, .it, .fr, .de domains

Hi guys,

I live in the UK. My UK client wants to start selling to italy, germany and france. Ive never registered anything other than .com and before.

Can anyone recommend a good registrar to register .eu, .it, .fr, .de domains with? Will I need to provide any evidence or information? (I guess these domains are only available to companies who reside in the specific country or sell good to that specific country).

Any advice would be appreciated.

for .fr and .it you either need to be located in France or use a trustee service, you can of course cough get around that however it comes with risk.

With .de and .eu there are no restrictions as above.

You can look at, or to register most domain extensions.

The guys at namepros and warriorforum are good with these questions. Al beit not as welcoming though.

Personally I’ll add a +1 for 123-reg, no problems with any domains I’ve registered and they do have a huge selection of top level domains to pick from.

If you have a friend or know someone who lives in Italy, get them to register it with their address. Then pass ownership onto yourself after. It’s risky though

Pretty much any domain registrar will help you with that, but i dont know how youre gonna get arout the location problem for .fr and .it , i`m curious about that, presuming you have no priends there to help you registering.