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Something really unbelievable with Google. Our (3 friends and me) website ( is in English, when we type begin from here in the search bar, the site is ranked 2 on, this is mean the second in the first page of the search result.



BUT, when we type begin from here on, the website is not ranked in the first 50 pages, this is unbelievable, as normally if we type site point google will look if there is, and than give us as the first result, No ?

Thank you for any help to resolve this issue. Should we look if the website is blocked in USA ? is this possible ? beside the fact that I know the websites .com should be the first websites ranked in


Google SERPs do vary greatly depending on a number of variables.
The same search on looks similar to the .com SERP you show, dominated by the Zombies album.
Maybe it’s nothing to do with your site. Maybe the Zombies are not that big in France?
The homepage looks to be about learning English. Maybe Google thinks that is more relevant to non-English speaking countries (even if it is in English :upside_down:).
Who knows, the mysteries of Google?


Not much to say here. Google has it’s own world.


Search results can vary enormously, and things like whether or not you’re logged into your Google account, and/or whether you’ve cleared cookies and your search history can affect them.


It will look for the page content which most closely matches your search term. As SitePoint is a well-known brand, then a search for Site Point might reasonably be expected to be someone looking for that brand; “begin from here” has multiple different possibilities.

This video might be of interest:

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Thank you guys for yours feedback

Maybe, but if this is a reason, this is mean begin from here should take place with them in first page on[quote=“WilliamPrentice, post:3, topic:231769, full:true”]
Not much to say here. Google has it’s own world.

hahahah you are right

But normally if you have the same words, google will give you first the domain name.Also I agree with your version

I’m pretty sure that will only work if Google assesses that the page is actually about the search term. If I were to register and had content like this:

I like to bake wonderful cakes, because they’re just so good to eat after cycling. I love cycling and I’m fortunate enough to live in a beautiful area … lots more stuff about cycling

I’m pretty sure Google wouldn’t rank me for “bake wonderful cakes”, even though the phrase appears in both my domain and the first line of my content. Google would (rightly) determine the page to be about cycling, and (hopefully) return it in results for cycling-related terms, rather than baking-related terms.

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I get you, thanks again for your feedback and your time, and maybe in the nearest future will give the same result as .fr… I hope

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When you examine the content of the homepage, the phrase “begin from here” is not particularly prominent.

But is ranking for that keyword string really important to you? If they used it in search and your site is what they are looking for, then they must already know about your site, know its name and want to visit it.
New users looking for the things your site offers are very unlikely to use that keyword string, but would use other search keywords relevant to the content.


Thanks SamA74 for your feedback, yes for sure it is important, as for exemple, if you are looking for something, and you find it on the site, some people like me, will take care of the name, if it is easy to memorise, and the next time will think like that :
1: Ah yes, I remember that the website called …hemm… I think " begin from here " ( for sure here he forget the page link and didn’t save it, for that he looks the way to find the site and than maybe he will find the right link)
-2: The first thing he will do, go to google and type “begin from here” inside the search bar to get the link. I do that even I search a brand , as in my mind, Google will give me the official website of what I’m looking for. And for that when we search Unicef, we get and not .com

Log out of Google, use a browser with history and cookies cleared, then try the same search…


I made this test much better by using a browser on another computer that never visit beginfromhere , and and I you can see in the following capture, is in the third position

My results differ depending on the browser.
The first search I did was in Firefox, logged in to Google, after visiting the site, it came #3.
I then tried on a different computer in Firefox, logged out, your site was not on page1.
Next on the second computer, in Chrome, logged out, history and cookies cleared, #3 again.
Then in IE, not found again.

This suggests that Google returns different results for the same query in Chrome than it does for other browsers. :thinking:

I searched “begin from here” on, using Chromium. I wasn’t logged into Google, and I seldom use that browser, so there was no previous search history. Your site was not in the first half-dozen or so pages. (That was as far as I looked.)

I searched the same term on using Firefox, which is my main browser, and with which I had previously visited the site. Again, I wasn’t logged into Google (I generally am not, and I also have Google Analytics blocked) and again, your site was not in the top six pages.

Someone really very strange, I will make some other tests from other locations. I got the site here on my pc on the first page from but as you said, I think google keep the cookies. here is the result on Explorer by the way, but I know the website is first as I’m visiting it

On Ixquick/Startpage it’s the first result if I quote the string: “begin from here”, and on it becomes number four.

Without the quote marks it’s way down.

The image in post #14 shows that it is using the Bing search engine, not Google.

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This is great @Erik_J, I just made the test and the website is ranked 4 on Wooooww, but unfortunately like you said it should be quoted. Here is a capture from my PC that I did with a private Chrome tab:

beside the fact that we are getting a lot of visitors from USA, but I understand now the reason, there is 3 guys here in Paris and one in NY, so for that reason I think as we use the website a lot, ( the french version of google) shows beginfromhere directly. I think in 20 to 30 days from now, it will be the same result on

You are right @ronpat, in fact I made it quickly, but also as I’m discovering day after day, Bing becomes really The first competitor to Google, so it is important to be the first on it. Don’t forget that Bing’s position now is 13, this is mean 12 steps from Google, who still dominate the first position, look the following capture, I just made it from Alexa

Again thank you both for your feedback!

Hello again,

I learnt something new today. The following test made by Google Japan, and I’m surprised from something. We don’t publish anything in Japanese language, and despite this fact, begin from here website has the position number 10 on the first page, but there surprise, is with its facebook page, that has the position number 4. So how do you explain this now ? the page has only 12 likes now, it is still not important at all if we compare it with the website, BUT I believe that this fb page plays an important role to give the website the opportunity to be on the first page in Japan.

The more I test Google, the more I don’t understand how it works :smile:

Google has stated that they do not use social signals in ranking a website, so it will not have any direct influence on your ranking.


I’m going to be very presumptuous and suggest that possibly Facebook has better ranking than your site. :slight_smile:

Likes have nothing to do with ranking. How would you compare the number of likes on an FB page to a non FB page. :confused:

Google have stated that they do not use social signals for ranking.