Website links in facebook, yahoo answers are redirected to malware


Many of my website links in facebook, yahoo answers are redirected to malware. I use only inprivate mode in IE.

When i contacted my hosting people ( they say they couldnt reproduce the problem. I have updated my kaspersky to the latest signatures and so dont think it is local to PC.

BUT some of the other links ( including twitter, some other forums are not redirected)

How do we know where is the problem and what can we do to troubleshoot this?

I am not sure whether i should be posting the problem links here. Appreciate any help!


You should not be using Internet Explorer at all. You may have malware redirecting your browser when certain links are clicked. Try Opera or Firefox or even Google Chrome. Safari for Windows is a nice browser, too.

It looks like a local computer issue. Your computer may be infected with malware that is redirecting all links and internet usage to malware sites. Have you replicated the issue on other computers?

Thanks for all answers. I am still not sure whether it was a local issue or any files like .htaccess in webserver. Now everything is fine.