Unwanted redirect code on site

After my site loads, the first click you do (anywhere on the page) sends you to a random ad link in a new window. This isn’t my doing and can’t find anything that might be causing this. Any insight on how to remove this? I submitted my site to a few malware scan sites and came up empty.

The blog I need help with is speakdroid.com.

Desktop or Mobile?

Did you run an Adware scan of your computer?

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Happens on both desktop and mobile. Also I’ve tried it on 2 different computers and my phone, does the same for everything so it doesn’t seem to be a local issue.

Also, for it to happen any adblockers need to be disabled for the page

It doesn’t for me using Firefox latest even if I allow pop-ups and turn off Ghostery

However, trying with Chrome was most annoying

It opened a tab with a fake “your computer is infected” page with a dialog that would not stay closed, kept repeating, and stole focus requiring me to go into processes and exit Chrome

trippartner.info needs to be shut down

Try temporarily removing all of the plugins to see if it stops.

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Interesting, chrome is much worse. I do get a popup for firefox as well though. I have so far discovered when I remove <?php wp_head();?> from my template file it doesn’t do the popup anymore but of course it strips out other wanted things as well.

I will try your suggestion of removing plugins. I plan to zip the folder, then remove it. If nothing changes I’ll unzip the folder again.

That did the trick… once removed, the popup no longer happens! Now I just gotta figure out which plugin is causing the trouble.

Yes, depending on how many you have it can be a tedious job installing - testing one-by-one.

But compared to the problem, not much choice.

Finally found it, was “sweetcaptcha-revolutionary-free-captcha-service”. That plugin wasn’t even enabled, once I removed that folder all is well again. Thank’s for your help Mittineague!

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Glad you found it.

Now the search for an alternative …

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